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VeChain’s VeBetterDAO Hackathon Triumph: Meatless and EcoNex Named Winners at Cambridge

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  • VeChain organized a hackathon at the University of Cambridge to showcase creative blockchain solutions for sustainability.
  • Meatless, EcoNex, and LogiQ were the winners, each contributing to sustainable food, commute, and freight sharing practices.

The winners of the most recent hackathon were revealed by VeChain, a top enterprise-level L1 public blockchain, during a distinguished event hosted at the University of Cambridge.

This innovative competition, which included contributions from the illustrious consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG), redefined the connection between blockchain innovation and environmental sustainability.

Recently, Marcel Knobloch, a blockchain researcher, celebrated the creative results of the hackathon and their ability to integrate sustainability into a variety of businesses on X.

Highlights of the Hackathon: Innovative Sustainability Initiatives

The hackathon, which was based on the VeBetterDAO platform powered by VeChain, seeks to create a green ecosystem that rewards people and businesses that are environmentally friendly.

More than fifty X-2-Earn initiatives have been developed thanks to the innovative B3TR incentive token, demonstrating how blockchain technology can support environmentally friendly behavior.

Champions of Change: Meatless, EcoNex, and LogiQ

And here it is, among the winners was a noteworthy project called “Meatless,” which aims to reward users for making sustainable eating choices.

A Cambridge computer scientist and a former Amazon engineer founded Meatless, an eco-friendly food company that uses the B3TR token to promote sustainable products and alter traditional food production techniques.

So, with its emphasis on environmentally friendly transportation, “EcoNex” won the top rank in the BCG segment.

According to previous ETHNews reports, EcoNex previously led the charge in transformative innovation and won the £4,500 top prize for their ground-breaking method of reshaping urban transportation networks.

By leveraging the VeChainThor blockchain’s capabilities for sustainable action authentication, EcoNex encourages users to select more environmentally friendly modes of transportation, thereby addressing urban congestion, lowering fuel consumption, and lowering carbon emissions.

The “Shark Tank” Pitch-a-Thon segment introduced “LogiQ,” a solution designed to boost freight efficiency in trucking.

LogiQ aims to rectify the issue of underutilized truck space, enhancing the sustainability of freight operations by preventing empty hauls, known as deadheading.

Not only that, the hackathon also showcased the creative prowess of its entrants, and offered a significant prize pool, with winners sharing $30,000 and opportunities for further funding.

Industry leaders, including Dr. Bernhard Kronfellner from BCG and Manta Ray EV’s CEO & co-founder, Mark Miller, judged the projects for their innovative use of the B3TR token and sustainability. To explore more details about this development, you can watch the following YouTube video:

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