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Latest News

wallets and exchanges

The Rise Of Tokenized Securities Exchanges

Juan Hernandez, CEO of security token trading platform OpenFinance, talks about the importance of security tokens and security token exchanges, as well as the mounting competition between exchanges.

Vitalik Suggests Raising Stake Rewards

Vitalik proposes that rewards for stakers be raised from 2.5 percent to almost 6 percent, as long as at least 10 million ETH has been staked. Vitalik thinks this increase will improve the health of the Ethereum platform, help boost its security, and reduce inflation rates.

White Paper Writer Speaks Out

A white paper writer talks about cryptocurrency and blockchain startup companies forcing writers to fabricate business models, make up false funding budgets, and blatantly plagiarize patented technology.

Venezuelans Starting To Use Petro

Nicolás Maduro's petro cryptocurrency is still viewed by many as a scam, but with the launch of crypto exchanges such as Amberes, Venezuelans are starting to buy and trade the token for a variety of reasons.

What Went On At The Odyssey Hackathon?

The Odyssey Hackathon, purportedly the "world's biggest blockchain & AI hackathon," took place in the Dutch city of Groningen last week. The hackathon included 1,500 participants from 29 different countries. Projects focused on using blockchain technology to help solve societal challenges, such as finding alternatives to fossil fuel, inclusive banking, and international travel.

Interview With CFTC Chairman Christopher Giancarlo

Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman Christopher Giancarlo talks about how the CFTC is using its 80-year-old protocol to regulate new technology and the risks of a clearinghouse holding its own digital currency. He also alludes to some of the reasons that may be contributing to the delay in a Bakkt bitcoin futures exchange.

Ecosystem Updates

Week in Ethereum (4/19)

A roundup of all the latest happenings in the world of Ethereum. New updates for Truffle, and Péter Szilágyi talks about how to speed up Geth. Plus, check out the Ethereum governance survey. See More

Loom Issues 2019 Roadmap (4/19)

Folks at the Loom Network released a step-by-step plan outlining how they intend to spur mass adoption of PlasmaChain in 2019. See More

Geth "Punisher" Hotfix (4/17)

Ethereum developers recently released Geth v1.8.27 to counter an active mainnet attack. The release also helps to sync the chain quicker. See More

"The Generalised Hyperbolic Distribution and Its Subclass in the Analysis of a New Era of Cryptocurrencies: Ethereum and Its Financial Risk" (4/9)

Researchers Yuanyuan Zhang, Jeffrey Chu, Stephen Chan, and Brandon Chan found that the market index returns for Ethereum are "clearly non-normal." In this paper, they try to determine what some of the long-term effects will be. See More

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