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Latest News

business and finance

Crypto Startup Pays Out Huge Return To Investors

Some investors, who staked $100,000, received a $6.6 million return, and while has promised to launch a social media platform in June, most are wondering where exactly the crypto firm made its money in the wake of crypto winter.

Automotive Company Bosch To Run Prototypes On Ethereum

While Bosch has yet to specifically note what it plans to use the Ethereum blockchain for, early materials suggest the company will test autonomous charging and payment on the network.
wallets and exchanges

Bitfinex And Tether Ask For Dismissal Of New York Attorney General Lawsuit

Explaining that their businesses have nothing to do with New York investors and that the New York attorney general has yet to identify any victim, Bitfinex and Tether asked that New York Supreme Court Judge Joel M. Cohen dismiss the case brought against the two crypto firms.
wallets and exchanges

Kraken Offers Tokenized Stock To Users

Upon receiving an email from cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, customers were able to purchase tokenized stock in the company for a minimum of $1,000. Reportedly, the exchange has already been able to raise 70 percent of the $10.2 million mark it set out to reach, but income requirements have stopped some from being able to participate.

Ethereum Foundation Lays Out The Next $30 Million Worth Of Funding

With $19 million to be doled out over the next 12 months for Ethereum 2.0 scaling projects, the Ethereum Foundation also plans to fund development on the current network and work to promote developer growth and awareness.
cryptocurrencies and tokens

Tether Invested 'A Small Amount' Of Reserves In BTC

The Block
After finding out at the end of April that Tether's USDT was only about 74 percent backed by its reserves, the stablecoin issuer has now admitted to investing some of its cash reserves in bitcoin.

Ecosystem Updates

SRLabs: Poor Patch Hygiene Leaves Ethereum Vulnerable

A report from SRLabs urges Ethereum users to practice "patch hygiene." It found that 30% of scanned Parity Ethereum nodes and 44% of Geth nodes have not been updated after a critical security patch was released in early March. See More

EEA Updates Client Specs (5/13)

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance's client specification v3 works to simplify the permissions system and addresses issues regarding interoperability based on public feedback and implementation experiences. See More

Smart Home Emergency Service on Ethereum

Researchers propose an Ethereum-based home service provider, combined with smart home emergency services to secure user information on the blockchain. See More

Analysis of Ethereum's Scalability Issues (5/6)

In a recently published paper, researchers tackle issues with scalability that can hinder the mass adoption of permissionless blockchain platforms, specifically looking at the Ethereum network. See More

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