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Thursday Aug 16th 2018

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Latest News


Venezuela Further Ties Economy To Its National Crypto

Aug 15th, 2018
Tim Prentiss
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has announced the petro will become an official unit of account, with salaries and prices anchored to the oil-backed national cryptocurrency.
business and finance

High Times Magazine Not Accepting Crypto During IPO After All

Aug 14th, 2018
Nathan Graham
Earlier this month, High Times said it’d be the first to accept digital currency in an IPO. Apparently, that was a whoopsidaisies.

Melonport Integrates ENS Compatibility

Aug 14th, 2018
Daniel Putney
Joining a recent trend, the blockchain-based asset management company now boasts ENS compatibility.

Coinbase Co-Founder: ‘Money Is The Ultimate Minimalism’

Aug 14th, 2018
Jeff Benson
Economist Tyler Cowen thinks that, thanks to digital minimalism, America is facing the death of private property and capitalism as we know it. But as Fred Ehrsam alludes to, the birth of cryptocurrency may suggest otherwise.

Island In South Korea Seeking To Become Blockchain And Crypto Haven

Aug 13th, 2018
Nathan Graham
An influx of government funds intended to nurture blockchain and crypto technology may help in the creation of a South Korean crypto and blockchain hub.

Truffle Revamps Website, Offers Trio Of Dessert-Themed Services

Aug 13th, 2018
Daniel Putney
The Ethereum development framework’s new website showcases its three key products.

Ecosystem Updates

Golem v0.17.0

In what is being called a "major release," on July 31, Golem introduced Brass Golem Beta 0.17.0. The update introduces netmasking, updates the Blender verification library, and improves the UI. See More

Geth Biweekly Maintenance Release

Geth v1.8.13 (Swarming) is Geth’s latest update. It mostly includes minor polishes and bug fixes, but there are a couple of notable updates signaling upcoming Ethereum changes. Geth included two EIPs likely to be included in the Constantinople hard fork coming this October: Skinny Create2 and EXTCODEHASH. The update also includes support for swappable interpreters in preparation for ewasm, similar to the recent Parity-Ethereum client. The release also contains Swarm v0.3.1. See More

Devcon4 Call for Participation

Deva the Devcon Unicorn posted an official call for participation for Devcon4 this fall. There are three ways to participate (outside of just attending, of course): - Present for 5 or 20 minutes - Lead a 2-hour workshop - Host a breakout room Each talk or session must relate to one of the following themes: scalability, security, privacy, developer experience, UX and design, or society and systems. See More

Etherscan Hacked, Patch in Progress

According to an official Etherscan announcement via reddit today, there have been random JavaScript alerts with the caption “1337” appearing on the website. These were injected via summarized Disqus comments on the site’s footer. Etherscan has disabled the Disqus comments and is testing a patch to encode the footer HTML to prevent similar incidents in the future. See More

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Aug 10th, 2018