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Latest News

law and legislation

Up To 40 Broker-Dealer Applications Wait For Approval From FINRA

With some broker-dealer applications stuck in regulatory limbo for up to 14 months, firms ready to launch their regulated blockchain products in the US have been forced to wait while the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities and Exchange Commission deal with the "complex issues" present in the regulation of digital assets.

Google Looks To Chainlink For Blockchain Data Storage

BigQuery, Google’s data warehousing and business intelligence solution, may get some help sorting its data on the blockchain thanks to an oracle smart contract provided by the startup Chainlink.
wallets and exchanges

Binance Will No Longer Serve US Traders Following Announcement Of Binance US

The Block
While non-verified US users may still be able to use using a VPN, an update to the platform's Terms of Use states Binance “is unable to provide services to any U.S. person.”
cryptocurrencies and tokens

Insiders Provide Realistic Timeline For Facebook's Crypto Project

Sources with knowledge relating to Facebook's cryptocurrency project, GlobalCoin, say the technology behind the possible stablecoin "has a long way to go" and that possible blockchain company partners are reluctant to work with the social media giant.
cryptocurrencies and tokens

Jack Dorsey Opens Up About Square's Work With Cryptocurrencies

The Next Web
With Square traditionally offering products that service fiat currencies, Jack Dorsey speaks on why he believes Square's work with cryptocurrencies will help usher in a new age of consumer empowerment.
wallets and exchanges

Raven Protocol To Hold Token Sale On Binance DEX

The "fully decentralized" blockchain/artificial intelligence startup Raven Protocol plans to sell 300 million Raven tokens on Binance's recently launched decentralized exchange Binance DEX. The token sale is being dubbed an "initial DEX offering."

Ecosystem Updates

Week in Ethereum News, June 15

The mid-June edition of Week in Ethereum News includes a look at the ENS timeline for 3-6-character domain names and Devcon updates related to speaker applications and ticket sales. See More

Empirical Energy Consumption Model Quantifies Bitcoin's Carbon Footprint (6/12)

A closer look at the energy consumption of bitcoin mining, based on where miners are located and the types of machines they are using. See More

Week in Ethereum News, June 8

The latest edition of Week in Ethereum includes a look at 0x and StarkWare's decentralized exchange solution, StarkDEX, and Blockchains LLC's acquisition of See More

Pairwise Coordination Subsidies: A New Quadratic Funding Design (6/4)

Vitalik Buterin works out a new formulaic understanding for funding methods focused on subsidizing coordination between individuals who would not normally coordinate. See More

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