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Hackers Focus On Inclusive Design At ETH New York

Along with holding talks aimed at introducing high school students to blockchain technology, hackers at ETH New York worked to develop dApps that tackle everything from issuing life insurance on the Ethereum blockchain to crypto wallets for the visually impaired.
business and finance

EU's Central Bank Breaks Down Its Thoughts On Cryptocurrency

While the European Central Bank found that crypto assets have had a relatively small impact on the financial stability of countries that have adopted the euro, the bank says it's open to at least explore the possibility of a digitally issued euro.
law and legislation

NY Judge Grants Motion To Modify Preliminary Injunction Against Bitfinex

The Block
Bitfinex is calling it a victory, but the exchange is still barred from using Tether as a line of credit.
cryptocurrencies and tokens

Ava Launch: Emin Gün Sirer's Blockchain Startup Releases Testnet

Ava Labs is using Team Rocket's Avalanche protocol, a newer consensus algorithm, to power its own blockchain network. The Ava blockchain boasts "an interoperable framework" that allows nodes to utilize different features.
cryptocurrencies and tokens

OneCoin: We're Totally Not A Scam

OneCoin, whose leaders have been indicted on wire and securities fraud as well as money laundering, took umbrage with a recent report by the Central Bank of Samoa calling the crypto project a "hybrid ponzi-pyramid scheme."

Why Danny Ryan Loves Ethereum Testnets

Up-and-coming Ethereum Foundation researcher Danny Ryan talks with Decrypt about how testnets are taking the network to Ethereum 2.0.

Ecosystem Updates

SRLabs: Poor Patch Hygiene Leaves Ethereum Vulnerable

A report from SRLabs urges Ethereum users to practice "patch hygiene." It found that 30% of scanned Parity Ethereum nodes and 44% of Geth nodes have not been updated after a critical security patch was released in early March. See More

EEA Updates Client Specs (5/13)

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance's client specification v3 works to simplify the permissions system and addresses issues regarding interoperability based on public feedback and implementation experiences. See More

Smart Home Emergency Service on Ethereum

Researchers propose an Ethereum-based home service provider, combined with smart home emergency services to secure user information on the blockchain. See More

Analysis of Ethereum's Scalability Issues (5/6)

In a recently published paper, researchers tackle issues with scalability that can hinder the mass adoption of permissionless blockchain platforms, specifically looking at the Ethereum network. See More

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