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Latest News

law and legislation

FINRA Extends Crypto Activity Report Deadline

The US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has extended the deadline for member companies to report any crypto activity or planned crypto activity to July 2020 to "encourage" more firms to participate.

Circle CEO To Join Lunch With Justin Sun and Warren Buffett

Just a week before the "Power Lunch" between Tron founder Justin Sun and crypto skeptic/billionaire Warren Buffett, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has been added to the guest list, making up one of the possible seven guests who will be attending.

Facebook's 'Oops, My Bad' Approach To The Libra Launch

The Wall Street Journal
What became abundantly clear during Facebook's congressional hearings this week was that representatives on both sides of the floor were having none of Facebook asking for permission to launch Libra following its past "move fast and break stuff" mentality.
cryptocurrencies and tokens

Wrapped Bitcoin Locks Up 550 Bitcoin

Acting similarly to a US-based stablecoin being backed by the US dollar, wrapped bitcoin, an Ethereum-based token backed by bitcoin and pegged to its value, has locked up 550 bitcoin in its protocol.
law and legislation

Chinese 'Internet Court' Rules Bitcoin Protected By Property Laws

After a plaintiff sued a closed exchange for not returning their bitcoin, a judge in Hangzhou’s Internet Court in eastern China ruled that bitcoin should be thought of as virtual internet property and is therefore subject to China's property laws.
wallets and exchanges

CFTC Investigates US Trading On BitMEX

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has launched an investigation into crypto exchange BitMEX for reportedly allowing US citizens to trade on the platform despite not being registered with the CFTC.

Ecosystem Updates

Week in Ethereum News, July 20

This Week in Ethereum News includes a summary of the Ethereum Foundation's reddit AMA regarding Ethereum 2.0 and notes on the latest core devs call. See More

Week in Ethereum News, July 13

The newest edition of Week in Ethereum News includes info regarding the ENS 3-6-character name reservation process and the website for crypto beginners. See More

Week in Ethereum News, July 6

The newest edition of Week in Ethereum News includes notes on the latest Dai stability fee vote and more on Binance's Tether "flippening." See More

Collateral Use of Deployment Code for Smart Contracts in Ethereum

Researchers look at smart contract deployment code on the Ethereum network, what else it can be used for beyond deployment, and its exploitable vulnerabilities. See More

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