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Latest News

business and finance

IMF Sees E-Money And Stablecoins Competing With Traditional Banks

In the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) newly published FinTech note titled “The Rise of Digital Money," the IMF states that banks will face "tough competition" and may even see their services surpassed by tech firms issuing digital money and stablecoins.

Vitalik Buterin Suggests Using The Bitcoin Cash Blockchain For Ethereum 'Data Layer'

As a temporary solution to Ethereum's scaling issues, Vitalik Buterin has suggested using the Bitcoin Cash blockchain as a data layer where transaction verification takes place.
law and legislation

FTC, Facebook Land On $5 Billion Cambridge Analytica Settlement

The Wall Street Journal
The Federal Trade Commission has agreed to hand out a $5 billion fine on Facebook regarding its handling of user privacy during the Cambridge Analytica data breach. The Justice Department is now expected to review and approve the settlement.
cryptocurrencies and tokens

Tether Accidentally Printed $5 Billion Worth Of USDT

While helping the crypto exchange Poloniex move $50 million worth of USDT from the Omni blockchain to the Tron blockchain, Tether inadvertently printed $5 billion worth during the transfer, citing human error.
law and legislation

What Congress May Want To Know About Facebook's Libra

The Block
With Facebook set to meet with the Senate on Tuesday and the House on Wednesday, Washington insiders report that lawmakers will be interested in Libra's classification as a possible exchange-traded fund, what Facebook will do to ensure user privacy, and what the Swiss headquarters of the Libra Association will mean for US oversight of the project.
law and legislation

House Committee Discusses Preventing Big Tech Companies From Issuing Crypto

Members of the House Financial Services Committee are discussing the possibility of introducing legislation that would bar large technology institutions in the US from issuing cryptocurrencies.

Ecosystem Updates

Week in Ethereum News, July 13

The newest edition of Week in Ethereum News includes info regarding the ENS 3-6-character name reservation process and the website for crypto beginners. See More

Week in Ethereum News, July 6

The newest edition of Week in Ethereum News includes notes on the latest Dai stability fee vote and more on Binance's Tether "flippening." See More

Collateral Use of Deployment Code for Smart Contracts in Ethereum

Researchers look at smart contract deployment code on the Ethereum network, what else it can be used for beyond deployment, and its exploitable vulnerabilities. See More

Week in Ethereum News, June 30

The newest edition of Week in Ethereum News includes a breakdown of enterprise blockchain options and a look at Coin Metrics' analysis of Kik's Kin token usage. See More

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