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Latest News

law and legislation

Montana Governor Signs Bill, Utility Tokens Exempt From Securities Laws

While the recently signed bill exempts utility tokens from securities laws in the state of Montana, a plethora of specific conditions surround the ruling. These include how a token is marketed to investors and when its "consumptive purpose" becomes available to holders.
cryptocurrencies and tokens

Facebook Prepares To Launch 'GlobalCoin' In 2020

Set to introduce GlobalCoin to a dozen countries initially, Facebook has been knee deep in regulatory talks with the US Treasury, the governor of the Bank of England, and Gemini, the crypto exchange founded by Mark Zuckerberg's legal pals, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.
law and legislation

SEC Files Charges, Alleges Daniel Pacheco Ran Crypto Ponzi Scheme

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is suing Daniel Pacheco, claiming he sold unregistered securities and raised $26 million with a crypto-related Ponzi scheme he ran through his companies IPro Solutions LLC and IPro Network LLC.

Vitalik Buterin Suggests Anonymity Sets For Private Ethereum Transactions

In a post published on HackMD, the Ethereum founder suggested using anonymity sets, which pool a selection of possible payers and/or payees to easily and quickly implement private transactions on the Ethereum network.

AT&T To Accept Crypto Bill Payments

AT&T has partnered with payments processor BitPay to accept cryptocurrency bill payments. For the moment, the option will not be extended to services other than bill payments.
business and finance

ETF Expert: 90 Percent Of Millennial Investors Want To Hold BTC Over Gold

During a Bloomberg TV interview, Nate Geraci, president of independent investment adviser ETF Store, stated the majority of millennial investors want to invest funds in a bitcoin ETF, if only the US Securities and Exchange Commission would let them.

Ecosystem Updates

SRLabs: Poor Patch Hygiene Leaves Ethereum Vulnerable

A report from SRLabs urges Ethereum users to practice "patch hygiene." It found that 30% of scanned Parity Ethereum nodes and 44% of Geth nodes have not been updated after a critical security patch was released in early March. See More

EEA Updates Client Specs (5/13)

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance's client specification v3 works to simplify the permissions system and addresses issues regarding interoperability based on public feedback and implementation experiences. See More

Smart Home Emergency Service on Ethereum

Researchers propose an Ethereum-based home service provider, combined with smart home emergency services to secure user information on the blockchain. See More

Analysis of Ethereum's Scalability Issues (5/6)

In a recently published paper, researchers tackle issues with scalability that can hinder the mass adoption of permissionless blockchain platforms, specifically looking at the Ethereum network. See More

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