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Latest News

cryptocurrencies and tokens

One-Third Of ETH Held By Few Hundred People

Research firm Chainalysis reports that one-third of the total Ether supply is held by 376 people.

Luxury Goods Provenance With LVMH, ConsenSys, And Microsoft

Luxury goods company LVMH, which includes subsidiaries Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and other rarefied brands, has partnered with ConsenSys and Microsoft to develop a blockchain-based platform to verify products’ authenticity.

Presidential Hopeful Andrew Yang Suggests Crypto ‘Fun’ In White House

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, a favorite among bitcoiners, told a crowd at Consensus 2019 that if he were elected, “[W]e are going to have some fun in terms of the cryptocurrency community.”

We Negotiate With Hackers: When Ransomware Isn't Worth It

A ProPublica investigation revealed that two ransomware companies claiming to use high-tech means to recover victims' data instead paid bitcoin ransoms to the hackers. Customers don't know they're paying extra.
cryptocurrencies and tokens

Leaving So Soon? JoyToken And RepuX Accused Of Exit Scam After Big ICOs

The Next Web
Though rumors have been swirling for a year, Hard Fork this week confirmed that the blockchain startups have dissolved their offices in the UK. RepuX, a data-sharing project, made a hearty $4.7 million off its ICO last March, while gambling coin JoyToken took in $3.3 million.

Gab's New Strategy: Fork Open-Source Software And Add Bitcoin

After Keybase announced integration of Stellar on its platform, Gab has threatened to fork the open-source chat software and swap its XLM wallet for a Bitcoin Lightning Wallet. The famously anti-censorship social network previously forked the Brave browser. It's all part of Gab's evolution into what CEO Andrew Torba calls a "free speech software company."

Ecosystem Updates

SRLabs: Poor Patch Hygiene Leaves Ethereum Vulnerable

A report from SRLabs urges Ethereum users to practice "patch hygiene." It found that 30% of scanned Parity Ethereum nodes and 44% of Geth nodes have not been updated after a critical security patch was released in early March. See More

EEA Updates Client Specs (5/13)

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance's client specification v3 works to simplify the permissions system and addresses issues regarding interoperability based on public feedback and implementation experiences. See More

Smart Home Emergency Service on Ethereum

Researchers propose an Ethereum-based home service provider, combined with smart home emergency services to secure user information on the blockchain. See More

Analysis of Ethereum's Scalability Issues (5/6)

In a recently published paper, researchers tackle issues with scalability that can hinder the mass adoption of permissionless blockchain platforms, specifically looking at the Ethereum network. See More

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