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Wednesday Dec 13th 2017

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Wednesday Dec 13th 2017
ETH/USD Forecast: Ether Price Flying Toward $650
Tuesday Dec 12th, 2017

Latest News

wallets and exchanges

Parity Proposes Hard Fork To Unfreeze Funds

Dec 11th, 2017
Adam Reese
The Parity team has put out a press release suggesting several schemes by which a hard fork could be used to restore access to the Ether frozen in its multisig wallets.
law and legislation

Breaking: SEC Institutes Cease And Desist Against Munchee, No Civil Penalty

Dec 11th, 2017
Matthew De Silva
Today, the regulator for the US securities market announced that it had taken a bite out of a token offering. However, the SEC decided not to impose a civil penalty because the company undertaking the offering had taken prompt remedial action and cooperated with the SEC.

Can Cryptocurrencies Really Undermine Sanctions?

Dec 10th, 2017
Adam Reese
Digital assets may be an effective means for skirting sanctions in the short term because the understandings that some regulators have of the cryptospace are shaky at best. Once these parties get up to speed, though, virtual currencies may prove no better-suited to this end than their fiat counterparts. As usual, the distant future is too far off to speculate about in any kind of meaningful way.

ETHNews Exclusive | RIAT Institute For Future Cryptoeconomics: The Study Of What’s To Come

Dec 10th, 2017
Jordan Daniell
The advent of blockchain technology has opened up new, interdisciplinary verticals of value across the globe. As the world rewires itself to capture the advantageous deliverables of Web 3.0, the new field of cryptoeconomics will play a leading role in developing the society of tomorrow.

UN Appoints New Commissioner To Blockchain Initiative

Dec 9th, 2017
Jeremy Nation
A new commissioner has been appointed to the United Nations' Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development.
business and finance

Banks Hesitate To Offer Brokerage Services For Bitcoin Futures

Dec 9th, 2017
Matthew De Silva
At least initially, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Citigroup Inc. among others will not facilitate customer involvement in bitcoin futures, which will be launched by CBOE this Sunday. However, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. will provide access for select customers.

News In Brief

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Dec 8th, 2017

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Dec 8th, 2017

Bulgarian Banks Limit Bitcoin Exchanges, Authorities Hold $3 Billion In Limbo

Dec 8th, 2017

Siberia's Climate Ideal For Mining, Says Vnesheconombank CEO

Dec 8th, 2017

Cryptocurrency Derivatives: Tokyo Financial Exchange Moves Forward, South Korea Enacts Ban

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