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Latest News

law and legislation

Regulators Discuss Controversial FATF Rule Before G20 Summit

Prior to the upcoming G20 Summit, regulators are discussing the Financial Action Task Force's rule that would see cryptocurrency exchanges verifying $1,000 transactions, focusing on the kind of ramifications too much regulation can have.

Hard Core Fund Raises 50 BTC To Help Fund Bitcoin Development

The nonprofit Hard Core Fund, co-created by Dovey Wan, has raised about $450,000 worth of bitcoin to help fund current network developers and bring more on in the process.
cryptocurrencies and tokens

Litecoin Foundation To Offer Another Crypto Debit Card

After cutting ties with its first crypto debit card, LitePay, in March 2018, the Litecoin Foundation has partnered with Bibox Exchange and blockchain firm Ternio to release a second physical Litecoin debit card.

Cloudflare Introduces Ethereum Gateway To Its Distributed Web Gateway Toolbox

The Cloudflare gateway will allow any device with access to the internet to interact with the Ethereum network, giving users the opportunity to deploy an executable distributed code contract without having to run a node.

A Closer Look At Calibra, The Wallet Provider For Facebook's Libra

The Block
As a Facebook subsidiary, the Calibra wallet will have its own standalone app for Libra holders, and it will be integrated into the Facebook Messenger app and WhatsApp. With the potential for a huge user base, the wallet provider could learn a lot from Facebook's past attempt to get into the payments business with Facebook Credits.

What Kik's Kin Can Tell Us About Facebook's Libra

While Kik hasn't achieved anywhere near the user count Facebook has, how the messaging service's base users reacted to and used the Kin token might give us some insight into what Facebook can expect with its Libra cryptocurrency.

Ecosystem Updates

Week in Ethereum News, June 15

The mid-June edition of Week in Ethereum News includes a look at the ENS timeline for 3-6-character domain names and Devcon updates related to speaker applications and ticket sales. See More

Empirical Energy Consumption Model Quantifies Bitcoin's Carbon Footprint (6/12)

A closer look at the energy consumption of bitcoin mining, based on where miners are located and the types of machines they are using. See More

Week in Ethereum News, June 8

The latest edition of Week in Ethereum includes a look at 0x and StarkWare's decentralized exchange solution, StarkDEX, and Blockchains LLC's acquisition of See More

Pairwise Coordination Subsidies: A New Quadratic Funding Design (6/4)

Vitalik Buterin works out a new formulaic understanding for funding methods focused on subsidizing coordination between individuals who would not normally coordinate. See More

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