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Latest News


Interview With CFTC Chairman Christopher Giancarlo

Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman Christopher Giancarlo talks about how the CFTC is using its 80-year-old protocol to regulate new technology and the risks of a clearinghouse holding its own digital currency. He also alludes to some of the reasons that may be contributing to the delay in a Bakkt bitcoin futures exchange.

Is Binance Censoring Craig Wright?

CoinDesk's Michael J. Casey discusses censorship and hypocrisy in the cryptocurrency community, the role and responsibilities of exchanges such as Binance, and how regulation could help level the playing field.

Payment Processor Lets You Spend BTC On Amazon

Ken Kruger, CEO of cryptocurrency-processing startup Moon, announced the launch of a browser extension to connect to any Lightning-enabled digital wallet and convert bitcoin to fiat on the backend. With this extension, Amazon and other e-commerce sites would not have to directly deal with crypto.

FBI Investigating Weather Channel Ransomware Attack

The Wall Street Journal
The Weather Channel was hit with a ransomware attack, taking it off the air for over an hour on Thursday morning. Authorities are currently investigating what The Weather Channel calls a "malicious software attack."

Team McAfee: A Scam?

John McAfee is well known for accepting cash and crypto in return for positive tweets promoting specific companies and their initial coin offerings. However, many companies, as well as McAfee's former CEO Jimmy Watson, say that McAfee failed to deliver what he promised.

2020 Presidential Hopeful Andrew Yang Calls For Clear Crypto Guidelines

Bitcoin supporter and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is calling on the federal government to provide the crypto community with clear and concise guidelines concerning how cryptocurrency and digital assets will be treated and regulated. Yang specifically calls out New York's BitLicense for its stringent regulations.

Ecosystem Updates

Week in Ethereum (4/19)

A roundup of all the latest happenings in the world of Ethereum. New updates for Truffle, and Péter Szilágyi talks about how to speed up Geth. Plus, check out the Ethereum governance survey. See More

Loom Issues 2019 Roadmap (4/19)

Folks at the Loom Network released a step-by-step plan outlining how they intend to spur mass adoption of PlasmaChain in 2019. See More

Geth "Punisher" Hotfix (4/17)

Ethereum developers recently released Geth v1.8.27 to counter an active mainnet attack. The release also helps to sync the chain quicker. See More

"The Generalised Hyperbolic Distribution and Its Subclass in the Analysis of a New Era of Cryptocurrencies: Ethereum and Its Financial Risk" (4/9)

Researchers Yuanyuan Zhang, Jeffrey Chu, Stephen Chan, and Brandon Chan found that the market index returns for Ethereum are "clearly non-normal." In this paper, they try to determine what some of the long-term effects will be. See More

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