Editorial Guidelines

ETHNews is unwaveringly dedicated to delivering top-notch content related to the cryptocurrency industry, offering insightful perspectives on relevant topics from our authors.

Our commitment is to maintain the trust of our readers, and to achieve this, we uphold the highest standards of journalistic ethics.

Here are some of the fundamental principles that guide our content, among others:

1. Attribution and Credit: Giving Credit Where It’s Due

Our authors meticulously attribute images and quotes to their original creators, ensuring due credit for any assets used in our content.

2. Reliable Sourcing: Grounding Stories in Verified Facts

Recognizing the paramount importance of reliable sourcing, we build our stories on facts vetted by proven experts and always provide proper recognition to the original sources.

3. Strict Fact-Checking: Upholding Unbiased and Accurate Reporting

To maintain our integrity, we subject each story to rigorous fact-checking, ensuring unbiased, accurate, and reliable information from trusted sources.

4. Corrections & Clarifications: Promptly Addressing Mistakes

While aiming for precision, we acknowledge that mistakes may occur. In such cases, we promptly correct or clarify, maintaining transparency and upholding our principles.

5. Advertisements: Transparently Identifying Paid Content

To align with industry transparency standards, stories paid for as advertisements are explicitly labeled and separated from our primary news sections, editorials, and guides.

6. Ethical Business: Rejecting Deceptive Practices

We exclusively feature advertisements from reputable and transparent projects. Offers from advertisers with a dubious or fraudulent history, or those employing deceptive marketing, are not accepted. If you observe any questionable projects being showcased on ETHNews, kindly contact us through our contact page.