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IOTA and Shimmer to Dominate Innovative Markets: Exploring the Future of IoT with Key Differences in Distributed Ledger Technologies

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    • Shimmer EVM, a complete Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) implementation, empowers developers to create decentralized applications (DApps) in line with the Ethereum ecosystem.
    • Unlike other EVM implementations, Shimmer EVM stands out for its scalability, energy efficiency, and, uniquely, its feeless transactions.

Key Attributes of Shimmer EVM

Constructed atop the Shimmer network, Shimmer EVM is a scalable, feeless blockchain network architected to facilitate DApps. In comparison to other EVM implementations, it showcases several superior attributes:

      • Feeless transactions: Shimmer transactions come at no cost, an ideal feature for high-transaction-volume DApps, including gaming and DeFi applications.
      • Scalability: Shimmer is created with scalability in mind. Capable of processing up to 1,000 transactions per second, it can cater to millions of users.
      • Energy efficiency: With impressive energy efficiency, Shimmer consumes a fraction of the energy used by other blockchain networks, making it a more sustainable choice.

Additional Features of Shimmer EVM

Beyond these benefits, Shimmer EVM harbors additional features that make it a promising platform for DApps:

      • Shimmer DAO: Shimmer is steered by a DAO, providing users a voice in the network’s operation.
      • Shimmer Treasury: This decentralized fund aids in financing the development and marketing of the network.
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While Shimmer EVM is under ongoing development, its potential to become a substantial contender in the DApp arena is evident. With its advantageous features and a robust community of developers and supporters, it is poised for success.

Acquiring Shimmer Tokens

There are several methods for obtaining Shimmer tokens:

      • Purchase them on an exchange. Shimmer tokens are currently listed on several exchanges, such as Binance, KuCoin, and Gate.io.
      • Stake IOTA tokens. Owners of IOTA tokens can stake them to earn Shimmer tokens. Staking is a way of securing your tokens to fortify the network. Staking your tokens rewards you with Shimmer tokens.
      • Join the Shimmer airdrop. Shimmer is conducting an airdrop of Shimmer tokens to IOTA holders. To participate, IOTA tokens must be in a supported wallet by the conclusion of the snapshot period.

Decentralization of Shimmer

Indeed, Shimmer is a decentralized network. Its operation is governed by a DAO, enabling users to contribute to its running.


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Shimmer EVM emerges as a promising platform for DApps. With its unique advantages over other EVM implementations and a strong supporting community of developers, it is an excellent option for anyone interested in building DApps.

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