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IOTA Shines Bright: Shimmer Hits Astonishing Milestone with 1.83M Daily Transactions, Countless Wallets, and Lightning-Fast 0.8s Block Time

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    • The TreasuresofShimmer Testnet campaign has successfully ended, amassing 1.83M daily transactions from over 200k wallet addresses and accumulating over 14M transactions in total, with the data collected poised to facilitate future enhancements.
    • Despite the campaign’s conclusion, the Play & Earn @zealy_io board will remain active until May 22, 3PM CEST, offering an opportunity to earn a share of $500k SMR.

Record-Breaking Performance on Shimmer Testnet

The TreasuresofShimmer Testnet campaign has successfully concluded, boasting extraordinary performance statistics. A peak of 1.83 million daily transactions was achieved with more than 200,000 wallet addresses, contributing to an impressive total of over 14 million transactions. All this was accomplished within the impressive time-frame of sub-second block times.

This valuable data will serve as the foundation for refining the ShimmerEVM release candidate.

Shimmer extends its gratitude to all contributors for their priceless input in shaping the platform’s future. Although the TreasuresofShimmer campaign has wrapped up, the journey continues. The Play & Earn @zealy_io board remains accessible until May 22, 3 PM CEST, offering the opportunity to earn a portion of the 500k $SMR pool.

Landmark Achievements of Shimmer EVM Testnet

The Shimmer EVM Testnet has marked significant landmarks, successfully facilitating over 6 million transactions and deploying over 5,000 smart contracts. These milestones underscore the active participation and the rising use of the testnet. This success can be largely attributed to the participants’ dedicated efforts in the TreasuresofShimmer campaign. The journey towards conquering the digital seas with Shimmer remains open for everyone.

Shimmer Paving the Way for IOTA’s DeFi Expansion

Through Shimmer, IOTA holders are presented with the long-awaited chance to stake their tokens and yield earnings. Shimmer is set to propel IOTA to new heights by serving as a critical player for the expansion of decentralized finance (DeFi) on the platform. IOTA holders can actively contribute to the growing DeFi ecosystem by bridging their tokens to the Shimmer EVM for yield farming opportunities.

Continued Growth and Momentum on Shimmer EVM Testnet

The momentum on the Shimmer EVM Testnet continues to surge, witnessing more than 1 million transactions once again. This persistent transaction volume reflects the active participation and enthusiasm of Shimmer platform users. The testnet phase is crucial in pinpointing and resolving potential issues and areas of improvement in preparation for the mainnet launch.

As Shimmer continues to progress and gain recognition within the crypto community, it lays a robust groundwork for a promising future for both IOTA and the broader DeFi landscape. The milestones achieved on the Shimmer EVM Testnet signify Shimmer’s increasing adoption and recognition as a valuable platform for staking, yield farming, and facilitating decentralized financial applications. Participants are encouraged to explore the opportunities offered by Shimmer and contribute to its growth and success.

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