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IOTA Celebrates Shimmer’s Major Milestone and SPYCE5 Teams up with Industry Giant Servrox to Transform IoT

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    • Shimmer has reached 1 million daily transactions and its #ShimmerEVM Testnet is operating smoothly.
    • Shimmer encourages participation in the #TreasuresofShimmer program to help strengthen the network.

Shimmer Reaches 1 Million Daily Transactions and Operates Smoothly

Shimmer, a blockchain platform, recently announced that it has achieved a significant milestone of 1 million daily transactions. This is a testament to the platform’s scalability and highlights its ability to handle high transaction volumes. The #ShimmerEVM Testnet, which is a version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), is also running smoothly thanks to improvements made by Shimmer’s DevOps team.

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The platform also launched a program called #TreasuresofShimmer, which encourages participation in the Shimmer network to help strengthen it. By participating in this program, users can earn rewards and contribute to the development of the network. Shimmer believes that community involvement is essential to building a robust blockchain ecosystem.

Shimmer Partners with SPYCE_5 to Provide Necessary Infrastructure and Consultation

Shimmer recently announced a partnership with SPYCE_5, a technology infrastructure provider. The partnership aims to help organizations and projects building on top of Iota and Shimmer by providing the necessary infrastructure and consultation. This collaboration is expected to bring significant benefits to both Shimmer and SPYCE_5, as it will allow them to combine their expertise to build a more robust ecosystem.

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Shimmer Continues to Make Progress on L1

In addition to the above updates, Shimmer also shared details about its progress on L1, the first layer of its blockchain technology. The platform reported that a PR (pull request) is being built on top of two unmerged ledger-PRs. The PR uses the previous implementation and connects all open ends to create a working protocol.

Additionally, the Shimmer team is working to make the test suite less error-prone. They also recently merged a new PR that aims to “Fix rootblock and eviction index.”

Furthermore, Shimmer reported that there are still some code changes happening outside of the usual PR progress. However, these changes are getting less frequent, indicating that the node is getting into a state where actual software change management is useful. Shimmer is continuing to make progress on L1 and is committed to building a more robust and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

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