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As Bitcoin Halving Nears, Market Braces for Potential Price Volatility Amid Supply Changes

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  • Following a steep decrease, Bitcoin has somewhat rebounded to $62,809.40, however, it has still been down 10.63% in the last week.
  • As miners adjust to smaller incentives, the impending halving is anticipated to momentarily diminish the network’s hash rate.

Recent weeks have seen Bitcoin plunge under $60,000 for the first time in over a month, indicating troublesome prospects for the cryptocurrency amidst a period of amplified market unpredictability.

Regardless of the decline, CoinGecko reports that the price of Bitcoin has to some extent rebounded and stands at $62,809.40 now, up 0.47% across the past day. But, it has still been down 10.63% in the last week.

Bitcoin was not alone in its sinking; Ether, Solana, and Dogecoin have all witnessed notable dips. The widespread turmoil across the broader crypto market has, as a consequence, led to losses for companies connected to cryptocurrencies, such as MicroStrategy, Coinbase, and Marathon Digital.

Anticipated Bitcoin HalvingĀ 

The cryptocurrency sphere prepares for the halving of Bitcoin, a substantial event fast approaching. In the near future, this quadrennial action decreases the number of novel tokens that can be mined and has historically signified robustness for the price of Bitcoin.

If the possible advantages of halving have already been figured into the market valuation, there is skepticism.

An upcoming problem for miners post-halving was brought to light in an ETHNews report. It is anticipated that when miners adapt to the lower profitability, the network’s hash rate would momentarily decline due to the reduction in mining payouts.

Liquidation and Market Sentiment

Last Friday’s wave of liquidations, which cleaned off roughly $780 million worth of bullish cryptocurrency wagers, contributed to the recent price declines. Rising geopolitical concerns in the Middle East contributed to the market’s already extreme risk-off mood and led to this liquidation frenzy.

Some market participants maintain their optimism about Bitcoin’s future despite the present market volatility and the liquidation of long positions.

The head of FalconX’s markets, Ravi Doshi, for example, pointed out that there is a lot of activity on their derivatives desk related to longer-dated call buying, suggesting that prices will rise in the second half of the year.

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