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Bitcoin’s Fate Amidst WWIII Threats: Zero Possibility or Market Survival?

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  • Due to rising inflation and geopolitical tensions affecting investor sentiment and market stability, Bitcoin may fall temporarily.
  • Bullish variables like the halving cycle show Bitcoin’s long-term value resiliency despite corrections.

In a time when possible conflicts and economic upheavals are making the world more unpredictable, Bitcoin continues to be at the center of speculative financial conversations.

Renowned cryptocurrency research organization Stockmoney Lizards has offered a thorough analysis of the present dynamics of the Bitcoin market, accounting for a range of macroeconomic variables, geopolitical unrest, and market technicals.

Bitcoin and Macroeconomic Indicators

A 1.1% increase in recently released core retail sales data indicates increased inflationary pressures. In contrast to earlier projections, it appears like the Federal Reserve will either maintain or raise interest rates, which might have an impact on Bitcoin’s short-term prospects.

The ability of the average consumer to invest in cryptocurrencies may be restricted as inflation increases, which might result in a decline in the demand for Bitcoin.

Tensions in Geopolitics Boost Market Nervousness

The prolonged hostilities between Israel and Iran have caused a great deal of market instability. Although the beginning of this conflict may have indicated a bottom in the market, present pricing does not take into consideration the possibility of additional escalation.

The markets, including Bitcoin, may experience additional losses in the event that Israel retaliates, which would make the cryptocurrency’s recovery more difficult.

Source: Stockmoney Lizards on X

Technical Evaluation: A Combination Signal Method

Bitcoin is exhibiting contradictory indications on the technical aspect. A customary rally following the halving and after hitting the previous all-time high (ATH) are positive signs. But the way the chart is currently organized suggests a Wyckoff distribution, which could indicate a correction to the downside.

In addition, a medium-term bearish perspective is further supported by the emergence of a triple top pattern and declining momentum, which is indicated by lower highs on the RSI.

Source: Stockmoney Lizards on X

The Decline of Institutional Investment

Institutional investment activity appears to be slowing down, as evidenced by ETF activity. The low ETF inflow levels indicate that big investors are preparing for more challenging market circumstances.

Furthermore, the recent adoption of a Bitcoin ETF in Hong Kong only caused a brief price spike that was swiftly undone by market sell-offs, in line with what ETHNews previously disclosed.

Source: Stockmoney Lizards on X

Cryptocurrency Consequences and Stock Market Correlations

In the stock market, parallel trends are evident, with indices such as the S&P 500 exhibiting possible peak signs.

These patterns in conventional markets frequently correspond with changes in cryptocurrencies, suggesting that there may be common triggers influencing investor sentiment generally.

The Market Predictions and Resilience of Bitcoin

The underlying positive fundamentals, such as the halving cycle and past patterns of reaching new ATHs, show resilience in Bitcoin’s long-term value proposition despite the negative causes and the possibility of a mid-term downturn, in line with what ETHNews previously disclosed.

While they do not envision the conclusion of the bull market, analysts do anticipate a further correction and the possibility of a comeback following a period of consolidation.

Current Situation of the Market

As of right now, the price of BTC is $63,404.63, up 0.11% in the last 24 hours but slipped by 8.10% in the last week, according to CoinGecko. These numbers show the market’s continued turbulence as well as its sensitive response to macro and microeconomic news.

The future of Bitcoin is uncertain as the globe teeters on the verge of a major war. Both market analysts and investors need to keep up with the latest developments and be prepared to adjust quickly to shifts in the geopolitical and economic environments. Also, you can watch the YouTube video below to learn more about this development.

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