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VeChain’s VeBetterDAO Gains Traction Among Billion-Dollar Investors Post-Paris Event

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  • Blockchain incentivizes sustainable behaviours on VeBetterDAO, making environmental responsibility appealing and profitable for all.
  • Through simple acts, VeBetterDAO’s community saved 9 million gallons of water and 3,000 tons of CO2 in two months.

Billion-dollar investors are showing a great deal of interest in VeChain’s most recent project, the VeBetterDAO, particularly after a high-profile event in Paris. This marketplace for decentralized applications, or DApps, is more than just a technological advancement; it is a movement toward a sustainable future.

Sustainability: A Dispersed Problem

According to VeChain CEO Sunny Lu, the pursuit of sustainability has frequently seemed exclusive and expensive. Many believe they are excluded or cannot afford sustainable solutions.

Lu emphasizes that sustainability shouldn’t be sacrificed in favor of greater energy efficiency by sharing a personal story of how he paid more for the upgrade in his residence.

According to him, the decentralized nature of environmental issues necessitates equally decentralized solutions, which is where Web3 and blockchain technology come into play.

Web3’s decentralized philosophy is ideal for tackling these worldwide issues. With tokens serving as a means of reward, blockchain technology offers a revolutionary means of digitalizing, tracking, and verifying even the tiniest activities, thereby promoting sustainable behaviors.

With the use of this technology, VeBetterDAO promotes a concept in which being sustainable also entails receiving rewards for DApps that encourage positive daily actions, in line with what ETHNews previously disclosed.

Source: Sunny Lu on X

VeBetterDAO: Using DApps to Empower People

VeBetter is a community-focused marketplace that places consumers at the forefront of sustainability rather than just being a technology platform.

The site promotes little but meaningful daily activities, including drinking coffee out of a mug, picking up trash, selecting recycled goods, or taking public transportation. When combined by a large number of users, these small activities make a major contribution to sustainability.

VeBetterDAO is an intriguing governance approach in which users democratically determine which tokens to mint, guaranteeing a fair launch up until a fixed supply is achieved.

With this concept, users may vote on which apps get weekly tokens based on popularity and usefulness, which increases user engagement while also supporting transparency. This YouTube video goes into much detail to explain these developments.

Effects and Prospects for the Future

Lu provided striking numbers to demonstrate the impact of VeBetterDAO, which is already apparent: in less than two months, 2,400 individuals took part in 450,000 actions, saving 9 million gallons of water and lowering CO2 emissions by 3,000 tons.

The convergence of blockchain, IoT, and AI is creating a new paradigm in the economic environment. According to projections, the sustainability economy is expected to reach $26 trillion by 2030, and VeChain’s VeBetterDAO is leading this revolutionary movement.

Source: Sunny Lu on X

The platform embodies the philosophy of “Do Better, Get ”Rich’—Financially and Spiritually” by offering cash incentives in addition to promoting ecological advantages. VeChain and its ecosystem are expanding, opening the door to a world where making sustainable decisions pays off in multiple ways and ensuring a sustainable future for everybody.

In light of this development, the VET price is currently trading at $0.04782, having slightly slipped 0.06% over the previous day. Additionally, it shows a 19.77% strong bullish position during the previous seven days.

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