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Solana Foundation Hosts NFT Showdown for New Brands with Real-World Impact

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  • The Solana Foundation is hosting an NFT brand pitch competition called NFT Showdown.
  • The competition aims to help creators develop sustainable business plans and connect with judges from across the NFT ecosystem.

Solana Foundation Hosts NFT Showdown

The Solana Foundation is holding its first NFT brand pitch competition called NFT Showdown. The event aims to help NFT creators and artists develop sustainable business plans and connect with top judges from the NFT ecosystem. The competition will focus on building new NFT brands that have a real-world impact on verticals such as fashion, entertainment, gaming, or those that support the Solana network.

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Criteria for Evaluation

The competition is open to new NFT brands, creators, and communities. The projects will be evaluated based on their business acumen, user-centric thinking, innovation, and real-world impact. The participants will be able to pitch their NFT business ideas and showcase their NFT collections’ style through a mockup. The competition aims to support innovative business ideas that focus on making a difference and help create sustainable solutions that benefit the NFT ecosystem.

Benefits for the Winners

The winners of the NFT Showdown will get mentorship from industry experts, workshops, SolanaConf Breakpoint tickets, and other benefits. The Solana Foundation is committed to supporting the winners’ journey towards making their NFT brand a success. The competition’s focus is to provide creators with the necessary tools to build long-lasting and impactful NFT brands.

Participation Requirements

To join the competition, participants must create a business pitch that includes the target community, problems to be solved, product vision, business model, and community engagement plans. They also need to create a mockup of the style of their NFT collection and submit it as a PDF during the submission process. The deadline for submission is yet to be announced, but those interested in participating can join the competition on the Solana Foundation’s website.

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Join the NFT Showdown

The NFT Showdown is a unique opportunity for NFT creators and artists to pitch their business ideas, showcase their style, and connect with industry experts. It’s a chance to create sustainable solutions that make a real-world impact and contribute to the growth of the NFT ecosystem. The Solana Foundation is excited to host the NFT Showdown and is looking forward to seeing the innovative and creative business ideas that participants will bring to the competition.

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