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Polygon Takes on Climate Change with $154B Green Initiative, Unleashing Massive Airdrop for Investors

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    • Masa and Solid World have formed a transformative partnership to celebrate the launch of Solid World’s carbon credits protocol on the Polygon platform.
    • The partnership includes an airdrop campaign where participants can earn the exclusive “Solid World Whale” SBT community-badge and a share of the $4,000 prize pool.

Masa x Solid World: Partnership & Airdrop Announcement

In an era where sustainability shapes the future, Masa and Solid World are thrilled to announce their transformative partnership. This collaboration aims to commemorate the launch of Solid World’s pioneering carbon liquidity pool on the Polygon platform. To celebrate this milestone, a grand celebration has been planned, inviting the dedicated web3 community to participate in a rewarding airdrop event and earn the exclusive “Solid World Whale” SBT community-badge.

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In this blog, we will highlight Solid World’s launch, the ongoing airdrop campaign, and provide instructions on how to participate and claim your share of the $4,000 prize pool.

The Solid World Carbon Credit Revolution

Solid World’s launch signifies more than just the introduction of a protocol; it marks the initiation of a green revolution within the carbon market. The novel carbon liquidity pool developed by Solid World aims to transform the financing landscape for Mangrove Restoration projects. These projects, which are essential for carbon removal and community benefits, often face challenges due to funding and liquidity limitations.

Solid World aims to overcome these barriers by providing much-needed capital and a platform for generating high-quality carbon credits. This launch ushers in a new era for the Voluntary Carbon Market, introducing unprecedented transparency, liquidity, and stimulating innovation. By democratizing access to funding opportunities, Solid World aims to make financing nature restoration accessible to everyone while delivering compelling, sustainable yields.

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Benefits of Mangrove Restoration Projects

Mangroves play a vital role in combating climate change by efficiently sequestering carbon. They also provide critical habitats for diverse marine life, protect coastlines from erosion, and support the livelihoods of coastal communities. By supporting Mangrove Restoration projects, individuals contribute to a healthier planet and a more sustainable future.

Solid World extends its gratitude to the projects VLinder, Allcot, and MangroveDAO for their valuable contributions that made these projects possible on the ground.

Solid World Airdrop Campaign

Masa is excited to host Solid World’s official airdrop campaign on the Masa SBT App, which is now live! This campaign is open to the Masa and web3 community, offering a total prize pool of $4,000. Participating in the airdrop is completely free; all you need to do is join Solid World’s Discord community and spend a small amount of gas money on Polygon to mint your community verification “Solid World Whale” SBT.

How to Enter the Airdrop

      1. Visit Masa’s SBT App and connect your Metamask wallet: []
      2. Click on the Solid World Airdrop Campaign.
      3. Join Solid World’s Discord Community.
      4. Mint a Solid World Whale SBT on Polygon to verify your Discord membership.
      5. Share on social media and let your friends know.

By following these simple steps, you will automatically be entered into the airdrop and have the chance to earn rewards.

Solid World Whale: Your Unique Badge of Honor

To celebrate your commitment to a sustainable future, each participant in the airdrop will receive a unique community badge called the “Solid World Whale” SBT. Once you verify your membership in the Solid World Discord community, you’ll receive a non-transferrable Solid World Whale SBT. This badge, represented by a beautiful whale image, will reside in your wallet, symbolizing your active participation in this green revolution.

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