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Coinbase Ponders Pepe Listing: Will This Ignite a Price Boom, Turning $100 into $1M Dreams? Report

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    • Coinbase has launched a countdown campaign, fueling rumors about the possible listing of PEPE Coin on its platform.
    • PEPE Coin, a memecoin, gained popularity since its launch on April 18, 2023, and currently holds a market cap of $595 million.

Coinbase Fuels PEPE Coin Listing Rumors With Countdown Campaign

The crypto market is abuzz with speculation as Coinbase, one of the leading US-based crypto exchanges, has initiated a countdown campaign that has fueled rumors about the potential listing of PEPE Coin. This memecoin has garnered significant attention and support, especially after receiving indirect validation from none other than Elon Musk through a meme post. With the countdown underway, enthusiasts and supporters of PEPE Coin are eagerly anticipating a major announcement from the exchange.

Since its launch on April 18, 2023, PEPE Coin has emerged as a standout performer in its category, especially during a period of decline in the broader crypto market. Apart from Coinbase, another popular trading platform, Robinhood, is also expected to list the memecoin. Currently boasting a market cap of $595 million, PEPE Coin (PEPE) has climbed the ranks to secure the 68th position based on market capitalization.

Coinbase Countdown: Pepe Coin Listing?

The official Coinbase Twitter account initiated the countdown, leaving the crypto community guessing about its purpose. While it remains unclear whether the countdown is specifically for the listing of PEPE Coin, the prevailing sentiment among many users is that this could indeed be the big announcement they have been waiting for. However, it is worth considering that the countdown might also signal Coinbase’s intention to expand its services internationally or introduce other plans for growth.

The excitement surrounding PEPE Coin is evident in the responses to the Coinbase countdown. The majority of replies express anticipation for the potential listing of PEPE Coin on the platform. Based on the timing of the countdown posts, with a one-day interval between them, speculation suggests that the upcoming announcement may be scheduled for Thursday, May 17, 2023.

Missed PEPE Coin? This Meme Coin Presale Ends Soon

For those who missed out on the initial launch of PEPE Coin, there is still an opportunity to get involved. The presale for this memecoin is currently ongoing but will come to an end in the near future. Interested investors can seize the chance to participate and potentially benefit from the coin’s growing popularity and market capitalization.

As the crypto market eagerly awaits the impending announcement from Coinbase, the possibility of PEPE Coin being listed on the platform has attracted significant attention. The countdown campaign has intensified the anticipation, adding fuel to the rumors and speculations. If the listing does come to fruition, it could mark a significant milestone for both PEPE Coin and the broader memecoin community.

In conclusion, the crypto market is buzzing with excitement as Coinbase’s countdown campaign stirs rumors about the potential listing of PEPE Coin. With its remarkable performance and growing market capitalization, PEPE Coin has captured the attention of both investors and crypto enthusiasts. As the countdown nears its end, the community eagerly anticipates the official announcement from Coinbase, which could potentially shape the future trajectory of PEPE Coin in the crypto market.

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