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IOTA’s Strategic Moves: Pioneer in 6G Technology and Tokenization, Aims for $6 Price in the Midst of Billion Dollar Market

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  • The 6G network architecture with layers integrating IOTA and PBFT technologies ensures secure and collaborative operations between devices.
  • Knows the network operational process, from data collection to model aggregation and consensus.

In the telecommunications sector and blockchain technology, a pioneering development is presented: a method, device, system and storage medium dedicated to the creation and enhancement of an intelligent architecture inherent in the 6G network.

The project is set to mark a before and after in mobile connectivity, aiming at a complete and efficient integration of all aspects of life and work through a true total interconnection network.

The 6G network is challenged by its complexity and the vast scale of its infrastructure, needing to adapt to the exponential increase in mobile devices and the movement of computational resources from the cloud to the edge of the network.

This shift has caused a transition of AI platforms from a centralized to a distributed model, with federated learning presenting itself as an optimal solution to cooperate intelligently without sacrificing user privacy.

Even so, its effective implementation faces barriers, such as effective data authentication and security in model sharing under conditions of distrust.

The adoption of blockchain technology, recognized for its security, transparency and traceability, is proposed as a hopeful solution to build mutual trust and promote secure and efficient data exchange.

However, its practical application is limited by issues of efficiency and scalability, especially in networks of the scale of 6G. To overcome these challenges, a hierarchical federated learning structure is proposed, seeking to optimize efficiency through optimal solutions for different model segmentation strategies.

As a procedure, it uses the combination of a main chain and fragment chains to establish a network that not only elevates federated learning efficiency but also ensures model reliability and security through improved IOTA and PBFTconsensus algorithms .

Likewise, this approach effectively addresses the problems of irrelevant information and excessive computational resource utilization, representing a breakthrough in security and privacy management within 6G networks.

By perfecting the 6G network architecture, this project not only ensures improved efficiency and security in data transmission but also enables the exploration of new uses, from more connected cities to advances in digital healthcare, driving a future where technology and interconnectedness enrich the entire human experience.

In addition to the information previously provided on the design and optimization of the intelligent architecture for the 6G network, we present illustrative graphics detailing the structure and inner workings of this advanced technology.

Source: worldwide.espacenet

“Figure 1” of the attached document visualizes the network architecture composed of multiple layers, where the integration of IOTA and PBFT technologies are part of the process. These layers represent different levels of operation and collaboration, each one fulfilling a specific role in data processing and security.

The coexistence of IOTA and PBFT illustrates a hybrid system that seeks to combine the efficiency and scalability of transaction processing with robust security and trust in data verification.

In “Figure 2”, we observe a flowchart that lays out the operational sequence of the proposed system. Although the specific content of the texts is not visible in the image, the complexity and meticulousness of the process designed to maximize the efficiency and reliability of the network is evident.

This workflow is crucial to understanding how each node interacts within the network, from local data collection and training to aggregation and global consensus, reflecting the vision of a hierarchical federated learning network.

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