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IOTA 2.0 Advances: Stardust-VM Implemented and Rigorous Testing Fuel Exciting Progress on the Horizon

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    • The crypto world is experiencing turmoil due to Ledger Gate, but the focus remains on the latest updates of the IOTA 2.0 node protocol development.
    • There have been changes in the GoShimmer repository and significant progress in the IOTAcore implementation.

GoShimmer’s Minor Changes and Continued Testing

Amid the ongoing turmoil caused by Ledger Gate, the IOTA community remains dedicated to tracking the latest developments in the IOTA 2.0 node protocol. This week, there have been minor changes in the GoShimmer repository, specifically related to a particular test case. Jonas Theis, a prominent member of the community, commented that the team continues to test features on GoShimmer that are not yet available on IOTAcore.

Progress in IOTAcore Implementation

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While the focus remains on the IOTAcore implementation, it is important to note that the changes made in GoShimmer are minor and do not indicate significant progress toward a new release or a GoShimmer minimum viable product (MVP). The IOTAcore implementation, on the other hand, has witnessed substantial developments. Jonas Theis shared valuable insights on the activities within the IOTA community on Discord, categorizing them into five parallel activities.

Within the IOTAcore implementation, progress has been made on multiple fronts. The Research Engineering Team has provided crucial information that sheds light on the direction of the development. Despite the ongoing changes and developments, it is essential to maintain perspective.

The team is diligently working on refining the IOTA 2.0 node protocol, ensuring that each change aligns with the project’s long-term goals and objectives.

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The IOTA community eagerly anticipates further updates and milestones in the IOTAcore implementation. It is a testament to their dedication and commitment that, even amidst the larger crypto landscape’s challenges, they remain focused on advancing the IOTA ecosystem. By prioritizing transparency and providing regular updates, the community fosters trust and confidence among its members.

In conclusion, while the crypto world faces turbulence due to Ledger Gate, the IOTA community stays engaged in monitoring the progress of the IOTA 2.0 node protocol development. Minor changes have been observed in the GoShimmer repository, primarily related to a specific test case. The IOTAcore implementation, however, has made significant strides, with parallel activities underway.

The community’s unwavering dedication and commitment to the project’s long-term goals are evident as they eagerly await further updates and milestones. Through transparency and consistent communication, the IOTA community cultivates trust and unity, reinforcing its position as a driving force within the crypto ecosystem.

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