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IOTA in Action: EDAG Citybot Trials to Expand to Barcelona by 2030

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  • The Citybot, a versatile modular vehicle, is set for testing in Barcelona by 2030, showcasing advanced urban mobility solutions.
  • This initiative is a collaboration between Edag, Eintracht Frankfurt, and six partners, aiming to enhance transportation efficiency and reduce emissions.

The Freecity Campus project has planned a test of the IOTA based EDAG Citybot in Barcelona, Spain, by the year 2030.

What makes it get a lot of attention is, its goal of delivering sophisticated urban mobility, the Citybot is the fruit of a collaboration between Edag’s developer, the German football club Eintracht Frankfurt’s department and six other partners.

The Citybot is a versatile modular vehicle designed for a wide range of urban needs. It could be a passenger module, a freight vehicle, a city cleaner, to a city green maintenance device, as ETHNews had earlier detailed.

Citybot Versatility: From Passenger Transport to City Maintenance

Later, this automated Citybot can be integrated with smart cities because it is equipped with sophisticated control software, which can connect and coordinate with other vehicles and city infrastructure. It can be used easily in everyday activities.

Tests were carried out in an area of 420,000 square meters to assess its ability to adapt to a variety of conditions. Of course, all the important aspects have been tested for use in the real world.

For traffic safety matters, the IOTA based EDAG Citybot is known to stop automatically when a vehicle door is open. It’s built as safe and pleasantly as possible, weighing how much of the unwanted thing happens because of user errors, also known as human errors.

Barcelona’s Test Grounds for Automated Technology

Citybot Concept and Product Owner at Edag, Johannes Barckmann, announced that the next test of the Citybot will be conducted in Barcelona, which is considered an ideal location to implement this automated technology.

Hopefully, the Campus Freecity project hopes Citybot can improve transportation efficiency, at the same time contributing to reducing emissions and delivering a more authentic and comfortable city to live in.

Blockchain technology and automation have introduced a new era for urban mobility, which could bring a better transformation to human life in the future. For a deeper dive into these developments, a detailed explanation is available in this Youtube video.

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