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From Sci-Fi to Reality: IOTA’s CityBot Leads Automation in $80 Billion Sector

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  • IOTA powers CityBot as a payment and communication protocol, promising efficiency in logistics operations through automated machine-to-machine transactions.
  • EDAG Group and IOTA collaborate since 2019, integrating blockchain into IoT to revolutionize urban mobility and operational sustainability.

The revolution in urban mobility is underway and IOTA is positioned as a key player in this change, especially through its collaboration with EDAG’s CityBot project.

This breakthrough represents a comprehensive response to the future challenges of mobility in cities, offering an advanced and versatile solution through highly automated and multifunctional robots.

Powering IOTA in CityBot: Innovation in Communication and Payments

IOTA stands as the engine behind CityBot’s advanced capabilities, facilitating both data communication and payment protocols. Through IOTA, services can be offered and billed in a digital marketplace, with transactions performed automatically between machines or between machines and infrastructures .

This system promises to transform automated logistics, optimizing efficiency and sustainability in industrial operations.

CityBot: Flexibility and Multiple Applications

With the help of this sweeping mat, the bots’ range of tasks could be expanded in future to include race track and taxiway cleaning. Via Instagram/edaggroup

CityBot’s modular structure allows it to adapt to a wide range of urban needs, from passenger and cargo transportation to cleaning and maintenance of public spaces.

EDAG Group plans continuous, autonomous operation of these robots, marking a milestone in seamless, emission-free material flow management from 2025.

Urban Transformation through CityBots

Imagine a scenario where, instead of 530 private cars, just 100 CityBots could meet all mobility and internal service needs for approximately 1,000 inhabitants, reducing the number of vehicles in the city to one-fifth. In addition, these CityBots would also take over municipal tasks, from passenger transport to street cleaning, operating 24 hours a day.

During her visit to Fulda on her summer tour, Hessian Digital Minister Prof. Dr. Kristina Sinemus explored these future mobility solutions. At the premises of the EDAG Group, she received information on how this fully integrated approach to solving urban mobility challenges is close to becoming a reality.

Digitalisation: The Key to the New Mobility

The minister stressed:

“This is a place where history is being written, where modern technologies are demonstrated and the great potential of digitalisation can be experienced.” Digitalisation emerges as the main catalyst of this mobility revolution.

“In Hesse, we want to pioneer innovative transport solutions and the conditions for this are favourable,”

Aaid Prof. Dr. Sinemus. In German cities today, every second inhabitant owns a car.

A Turning Point in Transport Solutions

The collaboration between the public sector and innovative companies such as the EDAG Group marks a turning point in the search for transport solutions that not only improve efficiency but also promote a more liveable and sustainable urban environment.

The vision of Minister Sinemus of Hesse as a pioneer in this field reflects a commitment to innovation and a commitment to a future where technology and sustainability go hand in hand.

The Collaboration between EDAG Group and Goodyear

The quest for maximum efficiency has led EDAG Group to ally with Goodyear, guaranteeing uninterrupted interconnection between CityBot tires and management software.

This partnership allows constant monitoring of tire conditions, optimizing performance and reducing costs.

IOTA and EDAG Group: Fusion of Blockchain and IoT

Since 2019, the partnership between EDAG Group and IOTA marks a commitment to the integration of blockchain technology into the Internet of Things. This partnership aims to enhance CityBot’s reach, working towards an automated, secure and sustainable future, redefining urban mobility and operational efficiency.

IOTA: A Key Player in Industrial Applications

The IOTA network continues to demonstrate its value in the industrial sector, as evidenced by China Blockchain Services Network’s implementation of RealDID, a decentralized identity system that leverages IOTA’s Tangle technology. This development underscores IOTA’s commitment to security and transparency in the supply chain.

Security in the Operation of CityBots

Safety is paramount in the operation of CityBots. The collaboration with DEKRA Germany ensures that these robots recognize and react appropriately to their environment, guaranteeing safe interaction in urban spaces.

Testing includes the implementation of technologies such as the FOD*BOSS sweeping mat, extending the service capabilities of the CityBots.

This joint effort between IOTA, EDAG Group, Goodyear and DEKRA not only shows the potential of advanced technologies in improving urban mobility but also sets a model for future innovations in the sector, where safety, sustainability and efficiency are priorities.

The revolution in urban mobility is already here, and IOTA is at the center of this transformation, promising a future where technology and innovation lead to effective solutions for the cities of tomorrow.

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