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Bitwise: AI and Crypto Fusion Could Add $20 Trillion to Global GDP

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  • AI and crypto fusion could add $20 trillion to global GDP by 2030.
  • Bitcoin miners are bridging the gap in AI infrastructure demand.

Juan Leon, Senior Crypto Research Analyst at Bitwise, outlines the revolutionary potential of the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and the cryptocurrency space in recent research.

Combining these two developing industries might have a big effect on the world economy, according to Leon. This convergence has the potential to transform our relationship with technology and digital assets and improve a number of sectors.

Source: Bitwise

Economic Impact of AI and Crypto

Leon highlights that there will be far more fusion between AI and crypto than is now thought. By 2030, he estimates that it may raise the world GDP by a total of $20 trillion.

According to PwC, by 2030, the global economy might grow by $1.8 trillion and $15.7 trillion, respectively, thanks to crypto and AI. Even when that comes to $17.5 trillion, he said:

“I would not be shocked if their synergies had a compounding effect that could drive the combined value to $20 trillion or beyond.”

The infrastructure needed for Bitcoin mining is growing more and more useful to AI businesses, making it one of the important areas of intersection.

Due to the demand for strong CPUs and data centers that is driving the current AI boom, there is a shortage of these resources. Bitcoin miners, who have the necessary hardware and cooling systems, are filling this need.

As an example, CoreWeave recently made an acquisition offer for Core Scientific, a Bitcoin miner. This collaboration demonstrates how AI and crypto infrastructure are becoming more and more integrated.

Core Scientific Partnership and CoreWeave

On the other hand, as ETHNews previously reported, Core Scientific and CoreWeave will provide 200 MW of infrastructure in order to expand AI data centers over a 12-year period.

The largest miner-AI alliance to date—a $3.5 billion agreement to house CoreWeave’s AI-related services in Core Scientific data centers for the next 12 years—was announced the same week the offer was made, according to Leon.

Possibilities for Profit from Bitcoin Mining

Back to the line, the managing partner of MohrWolfe, Felix Mohr, also offers his thoughts on the possibility of implementing AI in the Bitcoin mining sector. Mohr made the observation that using AI could increase earnings for companies that mine BTC coins.

Smaller Bitcoin miners can increase the predictability of their earnings if they band together with a larger miner. However, this leads to a consolidation of the Bitcoin mining industry. Mohr said:

“AI integration may provide new revenue streams or increase the profitability of current ones.”

Leon also looks at longer-term prospects at this confluence, like information validation. Deepfakes and biased content are two problems that AI has brought about, but blockchain technology, which is renowned for its transparency and immutability, can solve these problems.

Leon also believes that virtual assistants could undergo a revolution if AI and crypto are combined.

By combining digital currency and smart contracts with AI-powered tools, these assistants may be able to handle increasingly complicated jobs with greater efficiency and productivity.

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