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XRP on a Tightrope: Ripple’s Balancing Act Between Bridge and Stablecoin

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  • Ripple prefers XRP as a bridging currency for cross-border transactions, avoiding creating a specific stable coin on XRPL.
  • The inclusion of stable coins in other networks contrasts with Ripple’s strategy, highlighting its unique focus on XRP.

In the XRP community, one figure recently touched on a topic that catches the attention of many: Ripple’s focus on positioning XRP as a bridging currency between CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), avoiding the creation of a stable coin on the XRP Ledger Network (XRPL).

This comment came from Mr. Huber, a well-known blockchain researcher within the XRP community. In orderto satiate his curiosity, Huber posed an intriguing question to the XRPL community about the development of his network.

The researcher questioned why blockchain payments firm Ripple had not promoted the inclusion of a sufficiently liquid stable coin in XRPL. Although Ripple is only one of many developers on XRPL, it is by far the largest and has contributed the most to its growth.

Ripple’s relationship with the original architects of XRPL, as well as its considerable XRP holdings, generated the misunderstanding that XRPL is owned by the company, a mistaken belief that some still hold. Although the two entities are completely different and independent, Ripple has continued its development on XRPL.

Ripple’s lack of a stable coin on XRPL has drawn attention. The company has been leveraging the network for its product offerings, including Ripple payments, which use XRPL for fast transactions. However, despite multiple developments in the ledger, Ripple has not introduced a stable coin for the network.

Huber finds this situation odd, especially considering the introduction and dominance of stable coins on several networks recently. Last January, COTI launched the stable coin DJED on the Cardano mainnet. Near Protocol also integrated USDC in September 2023.

Most blockchains now host one or more stable coins, and while XRPL also has stable coins such as Stably USD (USDS), Ripple has not developed one specifically for its products.

A stable coin, which maintains a stable value, could be beneficial for the firm’s cross-border payments product.

In the last quarter of 2023, the altcoin traded above $0.60, but as of the latest price action, it hovers just above $0.5, indicating a decline.

Despite its unique stability, Ripple has continued to use XRP as a bridge currency to facilitate cross-border settlements between fiat currencies with ODL (now Ripple Payments). The volatility experienced by XRP has led to questions as to why the asset has not been replaced by a stable currency.

However, these cross-border transactions are nearly instantaneous, making XRP’s volatility not as much of a concern as perceived. For this reason, Huber believes Ripple remains committed to using XRP as the peg currency for its cross-border transactions.

In an earlier report, cloud payments giant Volante Technologies praised XRP’s capabilities in cross-border payments. Huber’s comments suggested that Ripple could continue to leverage XRP for its cross-border settlements, especially as a bridge between CBDCs in different countries.

In addition, the blockchain researcher argued that competition in the stable coin scenario could also be the reason Ripple has decided to stick with XRP and not introduce its own stable coin.

Huber only revealed these as possible explanations for the firm’s decision not to launch a stable coin. When he asked for other theories, some community members theorized that Ripple could be looking to use XRP as the stable coin itself.

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