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Why 5thScape Will Outshine Bitcoin And Ethereum With Hashdex’s New 2024 ETF Proposal

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Hashdex has filed with Nasdaq through Form 19b-4 to bring an ETF that directly owns Bitcoin and Ethereum in the spot market. This comes after the SEC approved spot Bitcoin ETFs and recently the 19b-4 forms for Ethereum ETFs. The Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index US ETF will be market cap weighted and contain cash positions. Coinbase Custody and BitGo Trust will act as the custodians of the tokens. 

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, 5thScape deals with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Blockchain technology. This places 5thScape into a higher growth trajectory. Although Bitcoin and Ethereum still dominate the market, 5thScape can offer a unique ecosystem and benefits. Therefore, investors should target high returns from 5thScape in 2024.

5thScape’s Potential To Surpass Established Giants

In a bold move set to reshape the landscape of digital currencies, Hashdex’s new spot ETF proposal for 2024 could propel 5thScape to new heights, potentially surpassing industry giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Hashdex has decided it will not fund any other spot crypto besides Ethereum and Bitcoin. This decision will boost the prices of these crypto giants and create a value proposition of tokens based on these two blockchains.

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Since 5thScape’s innovative virtual reality (VR) platform is integrated into the Ethereum network, the coin will enter mainstream investment portfolios quickly after the SEC approves the ETF proposal. This step marks a significant endorsement of 5thScape’s technological edge and market potential.

Impact Of Hashdex’s New 2024 ETF Proposal On 5thScape’s Future Progress

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, which primarily serve as digital currencies, 5thScape stands out with its cutting-edge VR features. Hashdex’s ETF proposal represents a pivotal moment for 5thScape’s future. If approved, the Ethereum ETF would provide unprecedented access to 5thScape’s ecosystem for institutional and retail investors. 

This influx of capital and interest could turbocharge 5thScape’s development efforts, accelerating platform enhancements and expanding its user base globally. Moreover, the increased demand driven by ETH ETF inclusion could potentially drive up the value of the 5SCAPE token, offering early investors substantial returns.

Why Investing In 5thScape Is A Wise Decision For June 2024?

As of June 2024, investing in 5thScape presents a compelling opportunity for forward-thinking investors. The novel VR venture offers a comprehensive virtual experience featuring adrenaline-pumping VR games across adventure and sports genres. 5thScape is not just a gaming platform; its practical applications define other industries like healthcare, enterprise, cinema, and education. 

The Ethereum-based platform has already demonstrated significant promise during its presale phase, raising $6.7 million with a listing price of $0.01 per token and offering an impressive 166% annual percentage yield (APY). These figures underscore strong market confidence and investor appetite for 5thScape’s vision and potential.

With Hashdex’s ETF proposal potentially on the horizon, investing in 5thScape now could prove prescient. As the VR realm is gaining traction, 5thScape is bound to outshine established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Investing in 5SCAPE tokens is a wise choice amidst the ongoing crypto approvals and innovations. The combination of innovative VR technology, blockchain integration, and impending institutional backing positions 5thScape as a standout investment opportunity in the evolving digital landscape.


In conclusion, Hashdex’s proposed ETF for BTC and ETH represents a transformative opportunity for the platform, the cryptos functioning on these blockchains, and its investors. If approved, the ETF could propel 5thScape to surpass Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of market recognition and value appreciation. 

With its groundbreaking VR features, successful presale, and promising future outlook, 5thScape stands poised to redefine digital experiences and financial investments. Investors looking to capitalize on the potential benefits of Hashdex’s ETF should consider adding 5thScape’s token to their portfolios, anticipating significant growth and innovation in the months ahead.

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