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MetaMask Latest Update: More Privacy Control Than Ever Before!

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  • MetaMask updates its privacy policy, enhancing user control over personal data and IP address processing.
  • Users can now configure features like RPC settings and security alerts in MetaMask at will.

According to the newest update to its privacy policy, the popular Ethereum wallet MetaMask now gives users more control and transparency over their personal data, notably in terms of IP address processing.

This version makes sure that users can efficiently manage their data choices and displays MetaMask’s dedication to user privacy and data protection.

MetaMask Latest Update: Greater User Control with Configurable Features

new capabilities that MetaMask offers are always adjustable and up to the user. Users may turn on or off features according to their personal data or privacy preferences. Several instances of these customisable options and features include:

Basic Functionality

Basic functionality like gas estimates, token information, and alerts about possibly dangerous websites are available to users of MetaMask by default.

Although these functions are essential to a fantastic wallet experience, MetaMask gives users the option to simply select not to use them.

Source: MetaMask

RPC Configuration

By using typical RPC APIs (remote procedure calls), MetaMask communicates with blockchain networks such as Ethereum. The default RPC settings, such as Infura RPC endpoints, guarantee dependable network connections.

Users can, however, always switch between personal and customized RPC endpoints. This adaptability emphasizes how committed MetaMask is to user choice and data control.

Security Alerts and Phishing Detection

Before interacting with possibly dangerous dapps and smart contracts, MetaMask simulates transactions and warns users. Optionally, this functionality can be turned on or off as needed.

In a similar vein, the phishing detection tool warns users about potentially dangerous apps by using a publicly maintained list of websites. Activation or deactivation of this feature is up to the users.

Auto-detect Tokens and Network Details Check

The auto-detect tokens function of MetaMask uses carefully chosen data sources to identify assets in a user’s wallet, so token addition is not necessary. Any time, you can turn this feature on or off.

When a network is manually added, the network details check function also enhances user safety by checking network details with a publicly kept list. Differences cause a warning, and users can turn this function on or off as they consider appropriate.

Enhancing User Experience with Optional Features 

Through optional features meant to simplify wallet interactions, MetaMask is always trying to enhance the user experience.

NFT Media Display and Proposed Nicknames

Image files are retrieved from outside services using the NFT media display capability, which facilitates user viewing and management of their NFTs. Like others, this one is just a click away from being activated or disabled.

By recommending original names for smart contract addresses based on Etherscan and Lens, MetaMask enhances wallet user experience as well. Users can disable this optional functionality if they so desire.

Source: MetaMask

Smart Transactions and MetaMetrics

The smart transactions capability of MetaMask improves security, visibility, and success rates to maximize the transaction experience, in line with what ETHNews previously disclosed. Toggle this function on or off according to your preferences.

Source: MetaMask

To enhance the user experience, MetaMask’s analytics platform, MetaMetrics, also gathers innocuous user events. Users have the option to enable data collection for marketing purposes and to opt in or out of data sharing for product enhancements.

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