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VeChain Joins INATBA Task Force to Explore AI & Blockchain Convergence

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  • VeChain leads in the AI & Blockchain Convergences Task Force, driving ethical standards and innovative practices in technology.
  • Through its participation, VeChain influences future policies and demonstrates real-world applications of AI and blockchain, setting trends.

When we talk about innovation in the cryptocurrency sector, we cannot overlook VeChain. This project has established itself as a benchmark within the blockchain sector, not only for its technological robustness but also for its visionary approach .

VeChain’s recent inclusion in INATBA‘s AI & Blockchain Convergences Task Force is nothing more than a reflection of its leadership and experience in the field.

Think of a future where technology advances hand in hand with ethics. VeChain plays a pivotal role here. By addressing the challenges and possibilities brought by the union of AI and blockchain, it is at the forefront of creating standards that will define the future of these technologies. The idea of how this could transform various sectors is certainly exhilarating.

Redefining Markets with New Solutions

The fusion of AI with blockchain opens up a world of possibilities for changing interactions with digital. VeChain is not just investigating these possibilities; it is making them a reality. Its ability to apply these technologies effectively promises to change fundamental aspects in various fields, introducing improvements in security and transparency.

Being on the Task Force not only evidences VeChain’s leadership; it also gives it a decisive voice in defining future policies and strategies for the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. VeChain ensures that the rules are conducive to a fair and enabling environment for development and expansion.

Establishing Connections and Strategic Alliances

Every event and webinar is an opportunity for VeChain to expand its network of contacts. The potential alliances that arise from these interactions can lead to disruptive solutions, where AI and blockchain complement each other to create novel applications.

There is no better demonstration of the value of a technology than its practical application. VeChain shows how the combination of AI and blockchain can address challenges, optimize processes and open up new market opportunities. These examples not only validate their approach but also motivate the entire industry.

VeChain’s participation in this initiative underscores its dedication to technological progress and cross-industry collaboration. This goes beyond just being another project in the cryptocurrency space; this is a leader that is outlining the path to a future where blockchain and AI come together to benefit society.


Analysis of VeChain (VET) shows that it is currently trading at $0.04787878 USD, down 5.54% on the day. Over the last week, VET has seen a 6.13% increase, and over the last month, it has seen an impressive 66.77% increase.

Looking at the last six months, the growth has been 191.84%, and since the beginning of the year, the price is up 37.79%. In terms of annual performance, VET is up 69.01%, and over the last five years, it is up 957.12%. Despite the recent daily decline, VeChain’s overall trend shows a solid long-term growth trajectory.

Source: CoinmarketCap

VeChain’s current market cap is approximately $3.47 billion USD, with trading volume in the last 24 hours of about $214.94 million USD. VET’s circulating supply is approximately 72.71 billion tokens.

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Isai Alexei
Isai Alexei
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