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Unleashing Blockchain Revolution: Chainlink, StarkDefi, Spotify, and EverRise Unite to Forge a New Era! Get Ready for Groundbreaking Transformations

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    • Chainlink offers a tutorial on creating a smart contract that automatically pays music artists based on their Spotify streams, and sends them email notifications upon payment.
    • StarkDeFi is joining Chainlink’s BUILD programme to expedite DeFi growth on Starknet, leveraging Chainlink’s expertise and network.

Chainlink’s Smart Contract for Music Artists

Chainlink, a leading decentralized oracle network, has released a tutorial by Zubin Pratap on utilizing Chainlink Functions. This guide is designed to help users create a smart contract that caters to music artists. The smart contract is designed to automate payments to artists based on their Spotify streams.

Notably, the function doesn’t merely facilitate payments. It also triggers an email notification to inform the artist about the payment, providing a seamless integration of automated financial transactions with immediate communication. This innovative application of Chainlink Functions exemplifies how blockchain technology can revolutionize the music industry, giving artists more control over their income and increasing transparency in the revenue generation process.

StarkDeFi Collaborates with Chainlink

In a similar vein of blockchain innovation, StarkDeFi recently announced its partnership with Chainlink. StarkDeFi will be joining Chainlink’s BUILD program, a strategic initiative aimed at accelerating the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Starknet platform.

Through this partnership, StarkDeFi will have access to Chainlink’s expertise and broad network, enabling it to scale its DeFi operations. With the combined strength of Chainlink and its BUILD partners, StarkDeFi anticipates a new level of growth and development. More information on this collaboration is available on StarkDeFi’s Medium page.

As the blockchain and crypto space continue to evolve, these announcements highlight the potential for innovative solutions, from empowering music artists to driving the expansion of DeFi. With technologies such as Chainlink’s decentralized oracles and the growing integration of smart contracts, the industry is poised for a transformative future.

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