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Chainlink Revolutionizes Smart Contracts: Unleashing Automation on Optimism to Empower Developer Scaling

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    • Chainlink announces the integration of Chainlink Automation on Optimism, a scalable L2 blockchain.
    • Projects like BarnBridge, DeFiEdge, Lyra, and Pickle Finance are already integrating Chainlink Automation.

Chainlink Automation on Optimism

Chainlink, the industry-standard Web3 services platform, has announced the integration of Chainlink Automation on Optimism, a fast, stable, and scalable Layer 2 (L2) blockchain developed by Ethereum developers. Several projects, including BarnBridge, DeFiEdge, Lyra, and Pickle Finance, have already started integrating Chainlink Automation to facilitate reliable triggering of key smart contract functions on Optimism.

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Enabling Hyper-Reliable Smart Contract Automation

Chainlink Automation provides developers with hyper-reliable smart contract automation. Just as Optimism allows DeFi developers to seamlessly scale their applications, Chainlink Automation enables developers to scale by empowering them to execute DevOps maintenance tasks. This capability allows developers to build more advanced decentralized applications (dApps) and attract a larger user base to the Optimism ecosystem.

According to Smit Vachhani, Head of DeFi Partnerships at OP Labs, the launch of Chainlink Automation will assist Optimism developers in triggering DevOps tasks, offering stronger security guarantees, and facilitating the scalability of their dApps. By natively integrating Chainlink Automation’s smart contract automation service, developers can unlock new use cases and develop advanced features that contribute to the growth of the Optimism ecosystem.

Highly Performant and Decentralized Automation Service

Chainlink Automation serves as a highly performant and decentralized automation service. Developers can leverage Chainlink Automation to securely and cost-efficiently monitor automation logic off-chain and initiate on-chain transactions to execute smart contract functions when predefined conditions are met.

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Johann Eid, VP of Go-To-Market at Chainlink Labs, expressed his pleasure in supporting the Optimism ecosystem through the native integration of Chainlink Automation. He highlighted that this integration enables Optimism developers to build highly scalable smart contract applications that are decentralized end-to-end. By utilizing Chainlink Automation, developers can create advanced applications that drive the long-term adoption of smart contract technology.

The integration of Chainlink Automation follows the successful integration of Chainlink Price Feeds by Optimism in September 2021. Chainlink Price Feeds played a crucial role in supporting the rapid growth of Optimism’s DeFi ecosystem. Now, the same decentralized network of reliable node operators that secures billions of dollars through Chainlink Price Feeds is extending its services to provide highly performant smart contract automation through Chainlink Automation.

Overall, the integration of Chainlink Automation on Optimism enhances the capabilities of developers on the platform, allowing them to build scalable and secure applications that leverage the power of decentralized oracle services provided by Chainlink. The collaboration between Chainlink and Optimism contributes to the advancement of the blockchain industry and the widespread adoption of smart contracts.

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