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Swan Chain: Transforming Filecoin’s Landscape Through Seamless Decentralized Storage and AI Solutions

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  • By integrating Filecoin, Swan Chain provides a cutting-edge Layer-2 AI blockchain that improves Web3 and AI through decentralized compute and storage options.
  • The platform presents zk-UBI, which optimizes computing processes, lowers costs, and improves data security and privacy by utilizing zero-knowledge proofs.

The amalgamation of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in the swiftly progressing digital era offers unparalleled prospects for augmenting data privacy, security, and interoperability.

Leading this change is Swan Chain, a groundbreaking AI blockchain that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on a Layer-2 scale, leveraging insights from earlier ETHNews reports.

Swan Chain, which was developed with OP Stack technology, is revolutionizing Web3 and AI by providing a comprehensive strategy that combines AI, decentralized storage, and Zero-Knowledge (ZK) marketplaces in a smooth and effective way.

Changing the Face of Decentralized Storage

Swan Chain’s revolutionary ecosystem is powered by Filecoin, a major decentralized storage network, seamlessly integrated into it. Several elements that improve the usefulness and accessibility of decentralized storage enable this integration:

  • Swan Client: An intuitive user interface that makes it easier to prepare and distribute data to Filecoin storage providers, increasing the accessibility of decentralized storage to a wider range of users.
  • Using Filecoin as an archival layer, Multichain Storage (MCS) makes sure that important data is safely backed up over several Filecoin nodes. This layer gives data storage an additional degree of redundancy and security.
  • Lagrange: is an advanced data management system that stores different kinds of data by integrating Filecoin and MCS, increasing the flexibility and effectiveness of data administration and storage.

AI and Web3 Integration: A New Era

Swan Chain is the first EVM-compatible AI computing chain designed expressly to satisfy the particular needs of the AI industry, including processing, storage, and data protection. Swan Chain is not simply another blockchain platform. AI developers may now access a comprehensive solution that simplifies the creation and implementation of AI applications, thanks to this focus.

Swan Chain was founded in 2021 and uses the OP Stack’s Ethereum Layer 2 expansion solution to build a synergistic combination of Web3 and AI. All-inclusive solutions that include computing power, bandwidth, cross-chain storage, and cutting-edge payment methods make this combination possible.

Swan Chain has enabled the monetization of idle computer resources and drastically decreased computing resource expenses by up to 70% by utilizing the unused computing resources within the community’s data center network.

Increasing Community Involvement and Cutting Expenses

Swan Chain has established three main resource trade markets: vendors of zero-knowledge (ZK), decentralized storage, and AI suppliers. These marketplaces reduce the barrier to entry for consumers seeking to utilize decentralized AI network resources, together with services like multichain IPFS storage and the AI model sharing platform Lagrangedao.org.

By using this strategic strategy, the ecosystem becomes more cost-effective and user-friendly by improving its interoperability.

With 73 international computing providers joining the Swan Saturn Testnet and over 100 million transactions, the network has already shown impressive involvement. Impressive stats from the ongoing Saturn Testnet Campaign include 17 million+ wallet addresses, 115 million cumulative transactions, and 116 thousand+ Discord users in a vibrant community.

swan chain
Source: Filecoin on X

Presenting State-of-the-Art AI Models and SDKs

The Web3 equivalent of Hugging Face is Lagrange DAO, a decentralized AI computing platform built on Swan Chain.

Lagrange provides a range of Web3+AI development tools, including an IPFS version of GitHub that makes it easier to manage code versions and forks, integrate decentralized computing, and make payments and compensations based on smart contracts.

These tools enable data engineers and developers to work with AI-related tasks like developing and deploying generative AI imaging models, as well as picture identification.

With powerful AI models like text-to-speech synthesis technologies, music creation tools like MusicGen, and image development tools like Stable Diffusion, the platform has already seen over 1000 models, 50,000 deployments, and 1 million hours of GPU inference time.

Source: Swan Chain on Medium

ZK-UBI: Improving Computational Efficiency

The introduction of the Zero-Knowledge Universal Basic Income (zk-UBI) program demonstrates Swan Chain’s commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technologies for the improvement of its ecosystem. Zk-UBI leverages Swan’s processing power to help Filecoin fulfill its promise to compute zero-knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKs).

By this effort, Filecoin storage providers can optimize computational efficiency across the board by contracting with Swan’s Computing Providers to handle GPU-intensive zk processing jobs. To explore this development in more depth, you can watch the YouTube video below.


Swan Chain is set to make major advancements in the blockchain and artificial intelligence domains with the launch of Swan Orchestrator, a decentralized computing orchestrator with over 70 computing providers and 50K deployments of AI model containers,

as well as the beginning of Swan Developer Grants Season 1 in Q1 2024. The launch of the Lagrange and Swan Orchestrator SDKs makes it possible for more developer empowerment, which encourages the development of innovative and efficient decentralized applications.

Meanwhile, the price of Filecoin’s native token, FIL, has slid in the last 24 hours and 7 days, falling by 0.97% and 4.93% to lay it to $8.74.

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