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Rollblock Emerges As Best Crypto Presale As Revenue Share Model Creates Huge Hype Among AVAX and THORChain (THOR) Holders

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Cryptocurrency investors are constantly looking for the next big gem that will rally and provide 100-1000x returns. While Avalanche and ThorChain present opportunities for massive growth in the upcoming bull run, Play-To-Earn GambleFi coins like Rollblock are likely to amass the most profit for new investors.

Rollblock (RBLK), the first globally acknowledged Play-to-Earn GambleFi token, connects centralized and decentralized gaming spaces through its iGaming platform. By implementing blockchain technology, Rollblock secures transactions, making them both traceable and immutable, greatly enhancing security in the process. Rollblock’s revenue sharing model is also one-of-a-kind, incentivizing further growth for the next big DeFi Gaming coin set to skyrocket.

Avalanche Struggles Amid Market Volatility

Avalanche is down 28% for the month, indicating turbulence for Avalanche as Q4 is set to begin in October.

Avalanche remains a solid play for investors, though Avalanche may never reach 2021 heights as investors seek out more lucrative options such as Rollblock.

As some crypto analysts are predicting a resurgence for Avalanche as the market recovers, it’s likely that Avalanche will recover in the upcoming weeks and months.

THORChain Diminishes In Value As Market Suffers From Mini-Crash

THORChain is down 41% in 30 days as bearish conditions ensue in the market. While THORChain is likely to make a recovery, THORChain is struggling to maintain momentum within the market and THORChain recently to $3.4. Nevertheless, THORChain will likely rebuild momentum in Q4 and the next bull run. However, recent trading data suggests that investors are waiting for a better price performance before making the plunge. 

Rollblock Set To Skyrocket In Q4 As Investors Favour Revenue-Sharing Model

Rollblock, a novel Play-to-Earn GambleFi token, aims to bridge centralized and decentralized gambling worlds. By prioritizing transparency and trust, Rollblock uses blockchain technology to secure transactions, ensuring they are traceable and immutable, thereby significantly enhancing security.

Rollblock (RBLK) features an innovative revenue-sharing model designed to reward its token holders and foster long-term engagement with the platform. Each week, up to 30% of the platform’s profits are allocated to benefit RBLK holders. This revenue is utilized in a dual approach: 50% of it is used to buy back tokens from the open market, creating a mechanism to reduce supply and increase scarcity, which in turn can drive up the token’s value. The remaining 50% is distributed among RBLK stakers, who earn additional rewards for their commitment and investment in the platform. This model not only incentivizes holding and staking RBLK tokens but also ensures that the token’s value has the potential to appreciate significantly over time. 

Additionally, by continuously buying back and burning tokens, Rollblock reduces the total supply, which contributes to a deflationary effect on the token’s value. This strategic approach enhances investor confidence, supports price stability, and aligns the platform’s financial success with the financial rewards for its community, making Rollblock a compelling choice for both current and prospective investors.

Another distinguishing feature of Rollblock is that the platform stands out in terms of accessibility, allowing users to engage with the platform without typical online casino roadblocks. By eliminating the KYC process, Rollblock allows players to join quickly by connecting their cryptocurrency wallet or signing up with an email. This simplified entry method lowers barriers and invites a wider audience to participate.

Rollblock’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes navigation easy for both seasoned gamers and newcomers. This commitment to accessibility enhances the user experience and drives broader adoption and engagement, making Rollblock a standout in the gaming and cryptocurrency markets.

Currently, in stage 3 of the presale, Rollblock is trading at $0.015. According to the tokenomics, there is a fixed supply of 1 billion RBLK, with 60% allocated to the presale. Due to this fixed supply and Rollblock’s burning mechanism, analysts predict an over 800% rise in value before the presale ends.

As the native token of a platform built to redefine the future of online gaming and casinos, RBLK is set to become the top DeFi token of 2024. With a strong foundation for long-term growth and over 110 million tokens sold in a few weeks, experts predict potential 100x returns in 2024, potentially pushing RBLK into the world’s top 100 cryptocurrencies.

Discover the Exciting Opportunities of the Rollblock (RBLK) Presale Today!

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