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Next Ethereum Update: End of Lost Private Keys? Rising AI Altcoin Trending on X

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Known for its focus on tackling design weaknesses head-on, Ethereum (ETH) is in the news because of its upcoming upgrade. The Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 3074 is the new addition to the network’s Pectra Hard Fork and was announced by the blockchain’s developers in April.

Under the proposed upgrade, the social recovery tool will prevent users from losing seed phrases or private keys through a transfer of assets to an invoker contract. After the ownership is delegated, all transactions will be performed by the contract. If the user forgets the private key, their digital signature’s message will facilitate getting back the assets. 

Meanwhile, in the race to become the best altcoins to buy now, InQubeta (QUBE) has made significant strides with its presale success. The Ethereum-friendly platform enables crypto users to bag investments in AI startups. 

Features like a decentralized governance protocol and ambitious roadmap have added to its appeal and it was widely featured as one of the recommended presales of the year. The recently completed ICO has raised over $13.5 million.

InQubeta: A revolutionary AI altcoin 

InQubeta has shot to fame with a new-age model where crypto users and startups can explore mutually beneficial growth opportunities. 

Offering crypto-based investment deals, the platform eliminates procedural delays and helps startups scale with speed and efficiency. For crypto users, InQubeta is a tool for financial independence that enables them to invest in cutting-edge innovation.

The investments are always made with the platform’s official cryptocurrency, the QUBE token. With a supply of 1.5 billion, the coin is also used for any other payment or transactions and rewards. 

The QUBE token is making its mark as one of the top crypto coins of 2024 with a user-friendly investment mechanism. NFTs representing startup projects are offered for sale at InQubeta’s online marketplace. 

Crypto users can buy these NFTs with the QUBE token and become co-owners of the firm’s equity. They can also split their funds between two or more NFTs as these assets can be fractionalised. 

The InQubeta team has been busy charting a plan of action for the platform. Over the next few months, the team would aggressively explore new avenues and initiatives that could prop up its growth trajectory. The QUBE token has also been trending on X and has received attention from many buyers. 

The roadmap includes the rollout of a staking dApp where crypto users could earn passive income by staking their tokens. Next, there are chances that people could see the QUBE token listed on centralized exchanges like Uniswap.

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OKX launches its Ethereum Layer 2 solution on mainnet 

Ethereum is considered a good crypto to buy as the blockchain technology can be molded to suit the vision of the developer. Web 3.0 platforms like OKX are looking into various ways they could tap into its potential. Its native token ETH is a leading crypto asset that’s topping popularity charts. 

The crypto exchange recently unveiled its Ethereum Layer 2 network ‘X Layer’ on the mainnet on April 15, 2024. With the solution, OKX will be able to offer reduced fees and greater interoperability for those using its dApps.

Another reason why the technology is making waves is its upcoming upgrade EIP 3074 upgrade. The upgrade will bring along with it the social recovery tool that transfers the asset to an invoker contract. In case, the owners forget the private keys, the message in their digital signature would help in the easy recovery of the assets.


InQubeta and Ethereum are some of the best crypto investments that people can find in the market today. These coins are loaded with features and have a consistent market performance to prove the impact they are capable of. Analysts are also rooting for these tokens as they believe they have high growth potential.

Experts also cite the recent milestones achieved by the two cryptocurrencies as their USPs. Ethereum has emerged as an unmissable opportunity because of the excitement around ETH ETFs and its EIP 3074 upgrade.

In InQubeta’s case, the crypto community is still smitten by its AI-centric investment model. The model doesn’t differentiate between crypto users based on their experience or funds. Even retail users can purchase QUBE and receive a passive income in the long term. 

The QUBE token is spearheading a financial inclusion wave with a focus on boosting AI innovation. As its presale scores new highs, the token is expected to add many more milestones to its name in the future.

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