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Massive $10 Billion Trades in Bitcoin ETF Within 3 Days; Solana and InQubeta Bolster Their Market Positions

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The spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have catalyzed the crypto market with their stellar performance. Trumping concerns about legal aspects of a BTC ETF, they have enabled people to tap into Bitcoin’s potential without needing to own the asset. 

Market data shows that within three days of their launch on January 10, the 11 ETFs collectively managed a trading volume of about $10 billion.

Among altcoins, InQubeta (QUBE) and Solana (SOL) have been leading a bull rally. These tokens have been growing steadily and have been moving aggressively towards higher market positions. For InQubeta, the price rally comes close on the heels of its presale growth which has now raised over $8.5 million. It currently is part of several analysts’ best cryptocurrency ICO lists

InQubeta: Making AI startups more confident about growth

InQubeta uses a simple yet effective approach to business development and makes fundraising a lot more straightforward. Having a native cryptocurrency – the QUBE token – which can be used for all payments and transactions certainly helps.

InQubeta has been praised for its unique utility and allows users to invest in the upcoming AI space. It has created a transparent NFT marketplace that allows fractional investment to help investors interact with NFTs. Crypto users can purchase the NFTs which are tokenized forms of startups’ offers to invest in AI projects. To buy the tokenized offers, they use their QUBE tokens. 

The QUBE token is powered by the ERC-20 standard and is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy if you want to shield your portfolio from market volatility. 

The immunity against economic forces is due to the asset’s deflationary model. In case of adverse conditions like high inflation, the model reduces price fluctuations by making QUBE tokens scarcer. 

The gap between the token availability and demand helps it command an optimal price and boosts users’ confidence. If the supply shoots up, it’s reversed by burning excess tokens. 

Another earning opportunity that the QUBE token offers is staking services. If an asset is staked, it promotes the platform’s growth by bolstering the liquidity levels. Token holders earn crypto rewards for the entire time an asset is staked.

Now there’s an AI chatbot for updates on Bitcoin ETFs

Bitcoin is a permissionless digital asset that supports secure and quick online payments. Its native token is BTC.

One of the key reasons behind its popularity in 2024 was the rollout of Bitcoin ETFs. Following approval from US regulators, 11 ETFs hit the markets on January 10 to a phenomenal market response. In the first three days of trading, these ETFs collectively clocked a trading volume of around $10 billion.

Despite concerns about regulatory challenges for ETFs, analysts believe that the rising investor interest could mean a bright future for them.

Another reason why Bitcoin was in the news recently was the AI-driven chatbot released by Pontem. The chatbot can provide quick updates to crypto uses on topics like Bitcoin ETFs. It can also provide information about staking, swapping, or purchasing NFTs.

Solana trading protocol Drift launches rewards program

Considered one of the altcoins to watch out for this year, Solana is a portal providing Web 3.0 infrastructure for creating dApps. It’s another proof-of-stake protocol that secures all SOL transactions. 

Solana has been rising steadily and analysts suggest that it might be a good time for SOL buyers to consider accumulating their holdings.

The platform hit the headlines recently after its perpetual futures trading protocol Drift announced a reward points programme. According to reports, Drift plans to release its token after wrapping up the program in March. The rewards will be given out weekly and the first distribution is slated for February 2.


If there’s one tip that analysts have for people in 2024, it’s to choose assets that end your concerns about what cryptos to buy now. The reason experts recommend names like Bitcoin, InQubeta, and Solana is because they have high growth potential which can boost your portfolio both now and in the future. 

These three tokens take care of the safety concerns of users with their cutting-edge security frameworks that have been vetted by some of the best blockchain audit companies in the world. Plus, their utility-centric features ensure that user journeys are always seamless.

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