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Ethereum Whales on Accumulation Spree, Solana Launches Token Extension As NuggetRush Prepares To Launch

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  • According to Lookonchain, Ethereum whales have been moving droves of Ethereum (ETH) out of the exchanges.
  • At the same time, Solana Foundation has come up with a new token extension feature.
  • Meanwhile, analysts have estimated the potential increase for NuggetRush to be over 50x after its expected Q1 launch.

As the dust of the recent market sell-off settles, it seems that Ethereum whales have been actively buying and moving the ETH from exchanges. Also, a new token extension has been launched by the Solana Foundation for SOL.

In other exciting news, NuggetRush is preparing to launch its one-of-a-kind game soon. It is currently considered to be the best coin to invest while still in presale, as experts have forecasted up to a 50x price increase after its launch.

NuggetRush (NUGX) Offers Exciting Play-to-Earn Features

NuggetRush (NUGX) has emerged as one of the top DeFi projects, spreading excitement across the cryptocurrency market. It has a meme tokenomics-based play-to-earn (P2E) token. The platform seamlessly integrates gold and artisanal mining into a modern state-of-the-art P2E game. In addition, clusters of gamers can perform a variety of gold projects in NuggetRush. NuggetRush also has peer-to-peer gaming, intriguing meme culture, and a healthy community. 

However, it is the impact gaming model that stands out the most. NuggetRush is a community-owned game that gives decisions making and control back to the gamers. Supporting an active and devoted community will lead to a tremendous price hike for NUGX, according to experts. Since NUGX is at the center of everything in NuggetRush it has been ranked as one of the best altcoins to buy

Players can exchange and sell in-game treasures like character NFTs and mined minerals on the NuggetRush marketplace. As they advance through the game, players can trade the most sought-after NFTs in the project’s marketplace.

NuggetRush recently entered the fifth round of its presale, where NUGX is traded at $0.018 per coin. With NuggetRush’s presale almost over, the coin will be available for purchase at $0.020 on major exchanges. After the launch of its platform, experts expect the play-to-earn token to increase 50x in value, making it the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2024.

Whales Move Millions Worth of Ethereum (ETH) Off Exchanges

The second largest altcoin, Ethereum (ETH), has been on a downtrend, moving as low as $2,186.35 from a 2024 high of $2,700. Taking advantage of the drop, whales have been moving Ethereum from the exchanges.

This implies a drop in the selling pressure and may lead to a potential rally. Whales are transferring a significant amount of ETH out of the exchanges, according to data from the crypto analytics company Lookonchain.

One whale removed 7,779 ETH from Binance, and another whale transferred 8,077 out of Bitfinex, among other transactions of this kind. 3,228 ETH were removed from the Binance by another whale. It is common to view the drop in ETH prices from exchanges as a bullish indication.

Solana (SOL) Foundation Unveils Token Extension 

The Solana Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to Solana network decentralization, adoption, and security, has launched token extensions.

Token extensions will be helpful to financial institutions, corporations, developers, and Solana-native development teams. It will give them a comprehensive portfolio of turnkey solutions for expanded token functionality.

Meanwhile, the Solana coin has responded very well to the recent developments and has reclaimed the $85.00 trading range after dropping below $79.00. Even with its recent drastic price fall, analysts still predict that this altcoin price could hit $205 in 2014. 

Final Thoughts

Over the past few days, whale accumulation for Ethereum has increased as a sign that the positive momentum is getting back to the cryptocurrency market. This constitutes a bullish atmosphere for the scheduled release of the NuggetRush. This makes now the best time to join the NuggetRush community to ride the bullish wave of 2024.

Visit NuggetRush Presale Website

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