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IOTA Reaches Massive Milestone: TangleSwap Goes Live with DeFi Launch, Trading Competition, and Rewards Galore

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    • TangleSwap is launching its public release on May 3rd.
    • TreasuresOfShimmer is running from May 3rd to May 17th, a campaign to offer incentives to early participants in the ShimmerEVM testnet network.

TangleSwap Launches Public Release and Joins TreasuresOfShimmer Campaign

After 2 years of building and connecting with the IOTA and Shimmer community, TangleSwap is finally ready to launch its public release. The team invites everyone to join them on May 3rd at 3:00 pm CET as they embark on a journey through the realm of DeFi. This date also marks the start of TreasuresOfShimmer, a campaign launched by the IOTA Foundation, which offers substantial incentives to early participants in the ShimmerEVM testnet network.

Trading + Liquidity Provider Competition

During the TreasuresOfShimmer campaign, TangleSwap is hosting a major Trading + Liquidity Provider competition. Participants compete by spending the highest amount of gas possible in any combination of the following two categories:

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Zealy Quests

Zealy space offers quests for Explorers to earn rewards independently of the competition by completing quests on Zealy. Quests will frequently appear during the next 2 weeks, so participants are encouraged to check regularly.

TangleSwap’s Action-packed Calendar

TangleSwap has a busy schedule planned for the upcoming two weeks, filled with informative events and exciting opportunities. The following events are scheduled:

      • Twitter Spaces prior to Treasures of Shimmer, hosted by @blockbytescom
      • Discord AMA aboard the Tangleship
      • The crew uploads the Swap & Concentrated Liquidity modules to the Tangleship’s mainframe
      • Discord AMA in the German IOTA Stammtisch
      • The Treasures of Shimmer campaign comes to an end
      • The winners for both categories are officially communicated, and rewards begin to be distributed.


TangleSwap’s upcoming public release is one of the most anticipated events in the crypto world. The team is excited to bring their trading and liquidity provision competition to participants of TreasuresOfShimmer. With Zealy quests and various events scheduled, it will be an exciting and intense two weeks for everyone involved.

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