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Enhancing Trust in VANET: University of Bologna Introduces DIVA Project with DAG and IOTA Technology

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  • By guaranteeing reliable and secure vehicle communication through the use of IOTA and DAG technologies, DIVA improves VANETs.
  • In DIVA, reputation scores encourage the transmission of trustworthy information while penalizing misinformation.

The University of Bologna has introduced DIVA, a disruptive vehicle communication initiative, which is the latest VANET (Vehicular Ad-hoc Network) project.

So, through the integration of modern IOTA and DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technology, DIVA is expected to improve road safety by elevating the dependability of vehicle communications.

Developing Credibility Using DIVA Reputation Scores

VANETs make it easier for cars and road infrastructure to transmit vital traffic information. The veracity of this data is essential to raising road safety and productivity.

In order to ensure the validity and dependability of the data transferred within these networks, DIVA presents a strong architecture.

The core of DIVA is its reputation system built on Decentralized Identifiers, which uses IOTA’s innovative technology to foster trust in automotive networks.

And then, Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) provide anonymous, unique IDs for every vehicle, similar to digital passports, allowing safe and private network interactions.

IOTA’s DAG-based technology removes central points of failure and ensures a robust system by methodically recording vehicle reputation scores in a decentralized manner.

Within the network, the reputation score in DIVA functions as a trust indicator, rewarding vehicles that provide reliable traffic information and penalizing those that disseminate misleading information.

A car that helps prevent accidents by providing timely updates about hazardous circumstances, for example, would gain more credibility.

Conversely, a car that disseminates false information and causes confusion would receive a lower score. The development of a dependable environment for vehicle communications depends on this user-friendly system.

DIVA has demonstrated efficacy in identifying and mitigating the impact of automobiles disseminating false information, thereby enhancing the communication network’s dependability for all users.

By providing a dataset of vehicle-to-vehicle messages that adhere to international standards, the project also broadens the study domain and encourages further developments in the field.

Moving Forward with Safer Driving

Essentially, the goal of DIVA is to establish a framework for vehicle communications that is safe, trustworthy, and secure. This will lead to a time when roads are significantly safer and more intelligent than they are now.

Initiatives like DIVA are essential to ensuring that the automobile industry moves toward more sophisticated vehicles and infrastructure and that these advancements lead to safer and more reliable road networks.

For your information, the University of Bologna’s Angelo Feraudo, Nicol├▓ Romandini, Carlo Mazzocca, Rebecca Montanari, and Paolo Bellavista are the innovators behind this initiative.

Meanwhile, in a separate but equally innovative endeavor, the Citybot, a versatile modular vehicle, is set to undergo testing in Barcelona by 2030 as part of the Freecity Campus project.

This initiative, a collaboration between EDAG, Eintracht Frankfurt, and six other partners, aims to transform urban mobility with sophisticated solutions.

According to prior ETHNews reporting, sophisticated control software enables the Citybot’s simple integration into smart cities, meeting a variety of urban demands, from passenger transit to city upkeep.

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