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DOGE and BONK No Longer Top Dogs As Price Continues To Slide, New Kid On Block Rollblock Continues Gains As It Enters Price Discovery

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So far, 2024 has been the year of the meme coin. From Dogecoin to Pepe to Bonk to Maga, the memes made the money. But Memes only go so far before they need to show utility. The Doge price came in for a bit of stick in the last month, and if Dogecoin got a bit of stick, then Bonk got a lot of it. Meme coins are slowing, and investors are looking for faster horses to ride. One such promising newcomer is Rollblock, a world-first blockchain-based gambling dApp currently in presale. Let’s find out what went right, and wrong, with the meme coin market and see why Rollblock is gathering traction.

Dogecoin (DOGE): Doge Price Well Below Cycle High

As the OG meme coin, Dogecoin defined a genre and a market sector. It has become almost as ubiquitous as Bitcoin itself. When it debuted in 2013, nobody cared. But in 2020, somebody cared, and from nowhere, this literal joke spiked exponentially, and the Doge price reached levels still spoken about in reverential tones today.  

However, the middle of 2021 wasn’t kind to anyone, let alone the meme coin sector, and the Doge price crashed down to earth. The Doge price remained more or less stable until the end of last year and doubled between December and March, thanks to investor sentiment and meme coin madness. But the market returned to sanity, and the Dogecoin price fell 40% in the last three months, driving investment sentiment elsewhere. 

Bonk (BONK): Bonk Bounces From Boom To Bust 

Released 18 months ago, the Shiba-inspired meme coin Bonk did nothing. Until the nothing went nuclear! In January, with meme coin madness gripping the markets, Bonk went to town with almost 25,000% returns! The jury was in: meme coins are the asset of the year, and Bonk — and a few other meme coins – made many people a heck of a lot of money. 

But the reality is that meme coins are fundamentally useless. Being fun only takes you so far in the market. A meme coin can crash just as fast as it rises. Without any warning at all, Bonk lost half its value in a heartbeat. Frankly, it would be astonishing if it ever recovers. If the Doge price cannot maintain itself, then the likes of Bonk have no hopes of survival. Investors seek utility, not feel good. 

Rollblock (RBLK): Price Discovery Rumors Go Wild As Market Declares Intentions 

The lack of utility in meme coins is precisely why the new gambling dApp Rollblock is getting massive investment traction. The primary reason Rollblock is getting investor attention is what the token represents: a chance to be a part of the $100 billion online gambling market.  

Online gambling is huge, one of the largest sectors on the planet, and billions are bet on everything from sports betting to slots on a daily basis. It is an industry with a massive profit potential, but it’s not without problems. Online gambling is notoriously opaque, with neither the gambling houses nor the punters trusting each other. The honest gambler is worried games are rigged. The legit casino is worried unscrupulous gamblers meddle with results. Enter Rollblock to solve this problem!

Rollblock is built on Ethereum, and every pull of a lever or roll of a die is logged in an auditable, transparent blockchain entry. This mutual confidence sets Rollblock at the forefront of online gambling. With RBLK acting as its native token, everyone would want a part of the action – and why not: all RBLK token holders share in the dApp’s profits, which means that not only do holders benefit from standard market price action, but the Rollblock token is a dividend-bearing asset. Capped at a billion tokens, it’s deflationary, too! 

To wit: investors are looking at the Rollblock presale price and calling it hugely undervalued, and serious investors are grabbing hold of Rollblock tokens at a rate of knots. 


The big dogs of Dogecoin and Bonk had their day, but their bark is fading away as the Doge price enters decline. The market is ready for a token that actually has use, utility, dividends, and potential. Rollblock is that token. And at a mere $0.014 per token, the Rollblock presale is the best chance to invest in what could be the biggest explosion in the crypto market all year. 

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