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Decentralized Storage Alliance (DSA) Revolutionizes ZK Proof Computation on Filecoin

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  • Through CPU and GPU optimizations, DSA has greatly improved ZK proof calculation in Filecoin, resulting in an 80% reduction in costs and latency.
  • With the launch of FIL-RetroPGF-1, we hope to support worthwhile initiatives that strengthen the Filecoin network and promote sustainable, community-driven development.

According to recent announcements made by the Decentralized Storage Alliance (DSA), zero-knowledge (ZK) proof computation within the Filecoin network has advanced significantly.

This discovery has significantly improved cryptographic procedures, increasing productivity and lowering expenses related to the creation of proofs on Filecoin.

The advancements, which mostly center on CPU and GPU optimizations, have been said to cut proof generation costs and latency by an astounding 80%, indicating a significant step forward in blockchain technology.

Upgrading the Filecoin Network and Involving the Community

In the midst of these developments, the Filecoin network is getting ready for a significant update to version 1.26.2, which has been pushed out to April 24, 2024, to allow for community preparations.

This update demonstrates the network’s dedication to improving speed and stability. Meanwhile, the Filecoin community is still very much alive and well. Recently, for example, the NFT.Storage DAO was introduced at a big event in New York City, highlighting a move toward more community-driven frameworks.

Apart from its technological improvements, Filecoin’s use in protecting cultural material is demonstrated by the Aruba Collection, hosted by the Internet Archive.

Through this project, the National Library and Archives of Aruba will be able to preserve important materials digitally, underscoring the network’s contribution to the protection of cultural heritage around the world.

Decentralized Computing and Public Goods

FIL-RetroPGF-1 is a new funding initiative that the Filecoin ecosystem has introduced. Its goal is to retrospectively support public goods that have a positive impact on the network.

In order to support worthwhile projects, the community is involved in a semi-annual nomination and vote procedure that takes influence from Optimism’s model of retroactive public goods funding.

Market trends and the impact on the economy

From an economic perspective, FIL prices have increased over the last week, closing the week at $6.52 and having a market value of more than $3.5 billion, despite a minor daily decline of 0.44%.

This financial data illustrates both the increasing interest from investors in decentralized storage solutions as well as the inherent volatility of digital currencies.

With regard to the future, the Decentralized Storage Alliance will continue to be essential in determining the direction of decentralized computing and storage.

Their efforts are concentrated, in part, on improving Filecoin’s infrastructure’s integration of AI applications and decentralized personal information networks (DePINs), in line with what ETHNews previously disclosed.

With interesting developments anticipated in the areas of data onboarding and storage capacity, Filecoin’s leadership position in the decentralized storage market is anticipated to be further cemented by this smart move.

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