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Decentralized Digital Economy: Fetch.ai’s AI Agents and DeltaV Interface

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  • DeltaV enables seamless integration of existing systems with Fetch.ai’s technology, empowering businesses to enhance their operations.
  • The Fetch.ai Platform offers diverse marketplaces, spanning industries like travel, mobility, and gig commerce, fostering innovation.

Starting today, Fetch AI gained access to DeltaV, a new integration platform. This tool allows for the seamless merging of existing systems with Fetch.ai’s technology. Developers can incorporate their own models, APIs, and business logic into Fetch.ai Agents, making them accessible through DeltaV’s chat interface.

Fetch AI gained access to DeltaV
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According to Humayun Sheikh, Fetch.ai’s founder and CEO, this launch signifies an important moment. With all the necessary components in place, DeltaV opens doors for developers and the wider community to explore Fetch.ai’s potential. It provides an opportunity for developers to monetize their creations in the emerging AI economy.

DeltaV empowers businesses to build AI commerce experiences directly within familiar interfaces like WhatsApp and Google Calendar. Additionally, the Fetch.ai Platform offers integration with custom applications and hosts various marketplaces spanning industries such as travel, mobility, and gig commerce.

The updated Fetch.ai platform comprises four key components:

  • DeltaV: An experimental chat interface offering a glimpse into Fetch.ai’s inner workings, allowing developers to test their agents seamlessly.
  • AI Engine: The core processing unit that mimics human thought processes, breaking down user objectives into manageable tasks using AI.
  • Fetch.ai Agents: Logic building blocks that wrap models, APIs, and business logic, allowing for complex use cases.
  • Agentverse: A SaaS product facilitating agent registration and hosting, streamlining agent search and discovery.

Fetch.ai envisions a world where AI-powered digital entities, operating on a blockchain network, autonomously interact with their environments. 

These entities, known as agents, perform tasks ranging from data gathering to decision-making and transactions, all without human intervention. This automation optimizes processes, reduces costs, and creates unprecedented value.

The platform fosters a decentralized digital economy where agents connect, interact, and transact freely. This ecosystem goes beyond mere task automation; it establishes a self-sustaining network where agents fulfill various roles, from managing energy distribution to optimizing supply chains.

DeltaV’s launch represents a step towards realizing Fetch.ai’s vision of a future where AI-driven agents revolutionize how we interact with digital and physical environments.

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