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Cryptocurrency price outlook: Looking at March trends for XRP, Cardano and SHIB

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  • XRP experienced a 17.1% increase in February, indicating potential to continue its upward trend in March.
  • Despite historical volatility, recent market dynamics suggest a favorable environment for XRP growth.

February left us with a pleasant surprise: XRP scored a solid 17.1% increase. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Rather, it is a reflection of a cryptocurrency market that refuses to remain static, especially after Bitcoin’s remarkable rise to $64,000. This scenario puts an inevitable question on the table: will XRP continue its climb in March? The short answer is yes, but not without a degree of uncertainty.

As we previously mentioned on ETHNews, while March has historically shown a slightly negative average return for XRP, the winds seem to have shifted in a different direction, pointing towards possible growth.

Bitcoin sets the pace, will XRP follow suit?

Bitcoin’s recent surge has done more than simply increase its own value; it has driven an increase in the market capitalization of altcoins, excluding BTC and ETH, by nearly $121 billion.

What does this mean for XRP? Based on what we’ve seen, this environment could be the perfect springboard for XRP to outperform expectations in March. Following ETHNews reports, the correlation between the performance of Bitcoin and altcoins suggests that XRP is in a favorable position to capitalize on this momentum.

The cryptocurrency market is notorious for its volatility

Today you’re up, and tomorrow, who knows? So, despite the optimism, it’s crucial to remember that historical patterns are guides, not promises. Based on a look back, March hasn’t always been the best month for XRP, but times are changing. As we indicated on ETHNews, recent trends suggest that we can expect a shift to a more positive dynamic.

What to expect in March for XRP investors?

XRP investors have reason to be vigilant. The combination of solid performance in February and an overall bullish market paints a promising picture. However, caution never hurts.

While the signs point to growth, it is critical to maintain a balanced strategy, remembering that in the world of cryptocurrencies, the only constant is change.

Source: Tradingview


XRP, known for its efficiency in cross-border transactions, is trading at $0.62750 at the time of this writing, facing regulatory challenges that have obscured its future potential, but maintaining a robust market capitalization of $34.28B .

On the other hand, Shiba Inu, the meme token that captured the market’s imagination, shows its characteristic volatility with a price of $0.00002308 and an impressive market cap of $13.52B, demonstrating the power of community and marketing in the crypto space.


Meanwhile, Cardano, with its strong technology base and commitment to sustainability, is positioned at $0.726, reflecting continued growth and expansion of its ecosystem with a market capitalization of $25.73B.

March promises to be an interesting month for XRP, ADA and SHIB, potentially marking the start of a new growth phase. However, in this game, the key is to play smart, always remembering that the past does not define, but informs, our future in the vast and volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

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