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Fear & Greed Index Points to Extreme Greed as Bitcoin Hits $63k and Meme Coins Soar

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  • Bitcoin exceeds expectations as it races towards its ATH.
  • NuggetRush, among other meme coins, is soaring due to the uptrend in the market.
  • The ICO is rounding up its presale journey with less than four days remaining.

The cryptocurrency market has experienced a giant uptrend over the past week as the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), rises above a significant level. The token has crossed a DeFi coin price of $63,000, hitting this milestone for the first time in over two years. Amid this narrative, the fear and greed index has exceeded 82, the highest recorded level in over a year, implying extreme greed.

The Bitcoin rally has affected the general market, causing meme coins to soar. NuggetRush (NUGX), an upcoming gamification token with exciting memetic value, benefits from this surge as investor interest heightens. The project’s allure lies in its ability to offer multiple utilities on its platform while impacting artisanal miners in underdeveloped regions. The article covers the recent BTC pump, highlighting its effect on overall market sentiment via the fear and greed index and the surge of the meme coin NuggetRush.

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NuggetRush (NUGX): Adding Value To The Meme Landscape

The meme coin market is trending as tokens with memetic allure benefit from the rising BTC price. NuggetRush is one such token that delivers an exciting experience on the blockchain. The gamification project merges gameFi and impact gaming, allowing players to engage in gameplay within its metaverse. Players can tap into a mining region where the thrill of a gold rush awaits. The blockchain ICO has made provisions, digital characters minted into NFTs with dual functionality within the ecosystem, each having varying characteristics that can boost players’ chances of claiming huge rewards.

Gameplay is not the only feature this blockchain ICO has to offer. The trending NFTs can be traded on the NFT marketplace for more rewards. Likewise, rare RUSHGEM NFTs can be converted to real-world gems, cash, and gold delivered to players’ doorsteps. A staking protocol ensures that NFT holders can earn passively by locking their assets with a proposed 20% APY. NuggetRush also allows its RUSH GUILD community members to submit and vote on developments that affect the platform’s growth.

The NUGX presale has been ongoing for a couple of months, and is nearing completion as its fifth and final round comes to an end. Less than 1% of the 50,000 tokens allocated to this stage remain, as the token sells at 0.018 USDT, an 80% increase from its initial price of 0.010 USDT. The project has raised over $2.5 million from its people sale journey, selling over 203 million tokens. With less than 15 million tokens left to hit its hard cap and a potential 11% increase to the proposed DeFi coin price of 0.020 USDT at launch, NuggetRush continues to deliver discounted rates and substantial returns.

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Bitcoin (BTC): Gearing Towards Price Correction

Bitcoin’s DeFi coin price has topped $63,000 recently, a fear that hasn’t been hit since the peak of the last bull market recorded in November 2021. The token, which has been in a ferocious rally, has picked up recently with over a 21% increase in the past week, climbing from the 50% price range to around $63,000. This continuous uptrend has increased postiche sentiment for the token as the Bitcoin bulls anticipate a surge to the $69,000 ATH (all-time high).

The general market is experiencing heightened euphoria and caution as the crypto fear and greed index notes a three-month ATH of 82, pointing to extreme greed. This index is a sentiment metric that tracks social signals and market trends. Extreme greed on the index shows that the market is gearing up for a price correction soon. 

Alongside the rising fear and greed index, the benchmark of the biggest cryptocurrencies, the CoinDesk 2.0 index, has risen by 7.8%. The rally coincides with massive inflows into the spot U.S. exchange-traded funds (ETFs), recording additional BTC tokens ahead of the halving event in April.


Sentiment in the broad crypto market is becoming increasingly optimistic as Bitcoin exceeds the $60,000 mark. The fear and greed index has risen to new highs, hunting for extreme greed and a potential price correction. NuggetRush is gaining traction as its token presale surges. The proposed 100% NUGX pump for round 1 investors draws near as the initial coin offering stage concludes.

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