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Crypto Exodus: Ledger Users Swarm to Polkadot Vault Amidst Security Shake-Up – Turn Your Phone into a Fortified Wallet

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    • Polkadot Vault, previously known as Parity Signer, is a rebranded cold storage solution, providing an air-gapped wallet for a broad spectrum of users.
    • Although compatible with old smartphones, it is recommended to use devices that support the latest version of the Polkadot Vault app for optimal security.

Rebranding Journey: Parity Signer to Polkadot Vault

Polkadot Vault, formerly recognized as the Parity Signer, has undergone a transformation and is now live on both iOS and Android devices. This rebranded application stands as an air-gapped cold storage solution that caters to all users, from developers to power users. All app versions can be sourced directly from the GitHub repository.

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Device Compatibility and Version Constraints

While the Polkadot Vault app is usable on older smartphones, the installed version depends on the device’s hardware. For instance, an iPhone 6 would run the older Parity Signer with limited features and less secure attributes. Therefore, it’s suggested to use devices that are compatible with the latest version of the Polkadot Vault app for enhanced security.

Exploring Polkadot Vault’s Functionality

Polkadot Vault functions as a key-chain tool rather than a traditional wallet since it doesn’t permit funds transfer. It enables users to generate, manage, and restore accounts while ensuring that private keys remain secure and offline. By default, the Vault app supports Polkadot, Kusama, and Westend, but users can also add other Substrate-based chains.

Contrasting Polkadot Vault and Ledger

While both the Polkadot Vault and Ledger serve as cold storage solutions, they differ significantly. The Vault app requires users to disable all inbound and outbound connections, while Ledger is hardware specifically designed for secure offline use. The account management process also varies, and users should select the option that best suits their requirements.

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Account Creation and Import

New accounts can be created directly within the Vault app, which generates a new mnemonic seed phrase. Alternatively, users can import a new account into the app using a seed phrase created with a compatible account generation scheme, such as an air-gapped laptop equipped with the Subkey tool.

Transaction Signing and Chain Addition

The Vault app allows secure transaction signing via QR codes without exposing your private keys to the internet. Users can also add new chains and update their metadata using the app. The QR codes are signature-specific, ensuring the safety of future transactions.

Updating the Polkadot Vault App and Security Considerations

To securely update the Polkadot Vault app, users need to back up their accounts, factory reset the app and their phone, reinstall the app, go offline, and finally recover their accounts. The Vault app also has a log of all activities, which can aid in checking for unrecognized connections and ensuring optimum security.

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