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Cardano Thwarts Sophisticated DDoS Attack, Proving Its Cyber Resilience

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  • Cardano successfully neutralized a large-scale DDoS attack designed to disrupt its network and steal staked cryptocurrencies.
  • Quick response and effective measures by the Cardano development team ensured the platform’s integrity, demonstrating its resilience against cyber threats.

Cardano’s Cyber Shield: A Victory Against DDoS Attack

In a recent cyber battle, Cardano faced a sophisticated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, aimed at overwhelming its network and compromising staked cryptocurrencies. The quick thinking and technical expertise of the Cardano team prevented any breach, reinforcing the network’s robustness.

Averted Disaster: Inside the DDoS Attack

On Tuesday night, Cardano’s network was targeted by cybercriminals attempting to flood it with transactions through mass execution of smart contracts. This attack, initiated at block 10,487,530, saw each transaction processing 194 smart contracts, an effort to paralyze the network’s operations.

Raul elRaulito, the CTO of Fluid Token, revealed on X (formerly Twitter) that the attackers invested 0.9 ADA per transaction, aiming to fill each block to its capacity and strain the network. Their dual objective was to disrupt Cardano’s functionality and steal the staked cryptocurrencies.

However, the attackers underestimated Cardano’s defense mechanisms. The network’s security protocols and swift action from the development team thwarted the attack, safeguarding the platform and its users’ assets.

Cardano’s Swift Response: A Critical Defense

Philip Disarro, the founder of Cardano development company Anastasia, was pivotal in identifying the attack’s specifics and recommending effective countermeasures. He suggested deleting the staking identifier used by the attackers, a strategy quickly implemented by the Cardano team.

This proactive approach not only halted the attack but also enabled the partial recovery of the attacker’s funds. As Disarro mentioned, the attacker ceased their efforts after seeing his tweet, attempting to save their funds. Unfortunately for them, the Cardano team was already dismantling their operation, leading to a loss of their illicit gains.

Market Reaction and Reinforced Trust

Following this incident, the native cryptocurrency ADA saw a 0.4% increase in value over 24 hours, trading at 38 cents in Asian markets. This price movement reflects the market’s confidence in Cardano’s resilience and security.

This event underscores Cardano’s capability to fend off cyber threats, ensuring user security and bolstering its reputation within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Cardano‘s robust response to the attack highlights its dedication to maintaining a secure and reliable platform for its users.

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