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Cardano Outranks Bitcoin and Polkadot in Crypto Brand Ranking Study

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  • Cardano’s Quotient Score of 52.6 beats Bitcoin, Polkadot, and Ethereum in MBLM’s crypto Brand Intimacy rankings.
  • The indulgence archetype shows Cardano’s strong user relationships, as the study prioritizes emotional engagement over market cap.

Cardano is currently the most well-known brand in the cryptocurrency space, outperforming even well-known brands like Polkadot and Bitcoin, according to the most recent research by MBLM’s Brand Intimacy Agency, as revealed by Cardano enthusiast, Cardano YOD₳.

The innovative research carefully assesses the strength of the emotional bonds that customers have with brands, placing Cardano at the top and Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Polkadot in that order of descent.

Beyond Market Cap: Brand Intimacy’s Significance

A key component of MBLM’s evaluation is the emotional connection that forges brand intimacy and converts infrequent consumers into ardent supporters. The study’s strict user criteria—which concentrate on people who have interacted with the brand frequently or frequently—highlight the study’s applicability in the rapidly evolving Bitcoin industry.

The study classifies six archetypes—fulfillment, identity, enhancement, ritual, nostalgia, and indulgence—that represent strong brand-user interactions. These archetypes provide insights into how brands enrich and blend into users’ lives, sometimes taking on a life of their own.

In addition, the research explains the three Brand Intimacy Stages—Sharing, Bonding, and Fusing—which illustrate how a user’s relationship with a brand changes over time. With a leading Quotient Score of 52.6, Cardano stands out from the competition. It not only outperforms its counterparts but also changes its dominant archetype from fulfillment in 2022 to indulgence in 2024.

This change reveals a more complex view of Cardano, in which consumers find satisfaction and joy in its strong network, vibrant DeFi ecosystem, and useful apps.

With a Quotient Score of 51.9, however, Bitcoin is more in line with the Ritual archetype, suggesting that it has been ingrained in consumers’ daily lives without reaching the deeper emotional resonance that Cardano demands.

The fact that Bitcoin is linked to transactional acts like “BUY” and “SELL” highlights its function as an investment tool rather than a company that people get deeply, personally attached to.

Previously, ETHNews reported that Cardano (ADA), in addition to excelling in brand intimacy, also led the field in developer activity, surpassing Ethereum (ETH) in terms of committed updates and innovations. For a deeper dive into these developments, a detailed explanation is available in this YouTube video.

Changing Views: Cardano’s Transition to Indulgence

This study suggests that a strong emotional connection with the user base can be just as important as market capitalization, challenging the conventional measure as the ultimate indicator of a brand’s success.

Despite not having the largest market capitalization, Cardano’s dominance in the brand intimacy rankings highlights the critical role that brand affinity plays in fostering a committed and active community.

The EDI Dashboard’s recognition of it as the most decentralized blockchain, together with its ongoing appeal in social media conversations, reflect a community that strongly resonates with Cardano’s values.

This degree of dedication and loyalty is a perfect example of how successful Cardano’s branding approach has been in creating a sense of purpose and community among its supporters, even in the face of speculative interests.

Meanwhile, the price of Cardano native token, ADA, has slumped in the last 24 hours and 7 days, by 1.67% and 11.36%, bringing it to $0,6224.

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