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Bitcoin’s Growth Potential Tied to ETF Impact; A Chainlink Challenger Gains Investor Momentum

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Bitcoin has been going sideways as of late following the recent ETF ups and downs post-approval. Sadly, many are speculating that BTC’s growth has come to an end, at least exponentially, and the Bitcoin ETF Market Effects may not be as positive as we hoped.

In AI news, a new yet mighty project, InQubeta, is emerging as a massive competitor to well-known tokens like Chainlink. This AI platform is revolutionizing the space and proving that there’s still a lot of room for new ideas in crypto.

ETFs Added To BTC Movement

When regulators finally opened the starting gates for spot bitcoin ETFs to trade, existing funds that converted to the new model surged, new funds racked up trading volume, and bitcoin prices bolted higher. Then, by the end of the first trading Thursday, most of the funds lost ground.

An anticlimactic start? In some ways, maybe. But make no mistake; the new bitcoin ETFs mark a clear step forward for the still young digital currencies.

The Securities and Exchange Commission officially approved 11 spot bitcoin ETFs for trading late Wednesday. Trading kicked off soon after on the NYSE, Nasdaq and Chicago Board Options Exchange. The funds, all spot bitcoin ETFs, directly purchase and hold bitcoin assets.

The new spot bitcoin funds are expected to increase direct demand for bitcoin and lure institutions and other new investor classes into cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

InQubeta, A Beacon Of Hope In AI

InQubeta has emerged as a bridge in crypto, linking visionary AI startups with a diverse array of supporters, ultimately cultivating an ecosystem of collaboration and progress.

The platform’s democratised approach grants a wider spectrum of investors access to groundbreaking projects, dissolving the barriers to entry that have traditionally favoured established players. However, InQubeta’s invention doesn’t stop here. By ingeniously incorporating reward and equity-based Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), representing investment opportunities in AI startups, the platform pioneers and fosters a unique synergy between investors and startups.

In the realm of NFTs, InQubeta leads the way by curating a selection of the most popular NFTs and the best NFTs to invest in. The platform helps users identify trending NFTs and offers insights into which NFT to buy now for optimal returns. As AI startup-related NFTs gain prominence, InQubeta serves as a guide for those wondering what NFTs to buy, presenting options for the best NFT to invest in.

There is also a long list of features that come with their QUBE token, as well as a dedicated community that has helped raise over $8.6 million in the InQubeta presale. The platform promotes shared growth, as investors gain not only financial returns but also a vested interest in the success of the projects they support.

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As we wait and see what Bitcoin has in store for us, it’s important to keep a look out for what else the market has to offer, just in case BTC doesn’t moon like some are hoping. It’s important to pay attention to other potential projects that have room to grow, such as InQubeta, the pioneer in the AI space that’s helping facilitate the creation of new and exciting startups.

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