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Bitcoin Veteran Davinci Jeremie Supports Shiba Inu: Should You Follow Suit?

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  • The tremendous surge in Shiba Inu stock and its 115% gain in March 2024 demonstrate its investing potential.
  • Davinci Jeremie, an enthusiast of Bitcoin, suggests Shiba Inu for long-term investment portfolios.

March 2024 was a turning point in the field of cryptocurrencies, with the extraordinary performance of Shiba Inu serving as a particular highlight. The digital token, which originated from memes, has experienced a significant upswing, peaking at $0.000045 in the beginning.

Although it experienced a brief retracement to $0.000030, Shiba Inu ended the month with a significant 115% growth in value from its initial entry point, notwithstanding a 6% decline on the last day to settle at $0.00002868.

This volatility has not only attracted the interest of casual observers but has also enlisted the assistance of Davinci Jeremie, a highly regarded advocate for Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency community is divided over Jeremie’s recent support for Shiba Inu, which follows his early support for Bitcoin.

The individual’s support for Shiba Inus as an investment product originated from a question to which he provided a positive response, recommending its incorporation into diversified portfolios.

Support for Shiba InuĀ 

As proof of his vision, Jeremie’s enormous support for Bitcoin investment in 2013 demonstrated his profound influence on the cryptocurrency business since 2011.

A resurfaced video from that year featured Jeremie fervently endorsing the notion of investing in Bitcoin at that time, when its valuation was approximately $114. Early adopters of Jeremie’s work have benefited from Bitcoin’s rise to over $70,000.

Jeremie’s support for Shiba Inu, like his support for Bitcoin, shows his ability to spot cryptocurrency market trends. The token’s market value supports his prediction that the meme coin will be around $0.0000079. To learn more about this development, see the YouTube video below.

Profitable Investment Yields

Notable are the potential returns associated with implementing Jeremie’s Shiba Inu suggestion. A $10,000 investment in Shiba Inu at the time of Jeremie’s earlier recommendation would have grown to $36,708 at the current price, demonstrating the substantial profit potential in just five months.

In the past, during the volatile cryptocurrency market, SHIB attracted a lot of attention for its 2021 bull run pattern, as ETHNews previously reported.

Meanwhile, the SHIB price has fallen in the last 24 hours and 7 days, by 8.82% and 16.66%, sliding to $0.00002616.

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