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Bitcoin Halving: A Signal for Investors? Near Protocol & Render Rival Promises Hefty Returns

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The Bitcoin halving is less than a week away, and investors are seeking signs of its trajectory to determine whether to stock up their tokens or sell. Deciding the right move has become difficult with contrasting trends from previous halving events. Amid the uncertainty of the impact of the Bitcoin halving, a rival for Near Protocol (NEAR) and Render (RNDR), InQubeta (QUBE), emerges with appealing features and the potential to deliver high ROI.

This rising ICO, InQubeta, is soaring, offering a chance to acquire generational wealth ahead of its listing. The blockchain network exists to aid the growth of AI-affiliated tech startups through its revolutionary peer-to-peer NFT marketplace. This article explores the investment signals from the upcoming BTC halving and the promising AI token on the decentralized cryptocurrency list.

InQubeta (QUBE): Crypto Coin With Potential For Generational Wealth

A new ICO is the latest trend in the crypto market, attracting investors with the promise of hefty returns. The token merges crowdfunding features with an AI-centric allure, offering exciting investment opportunities. Tech startups are vetted and empowered to mint their utility into NFTs and list them on InQubeta for users to purchase.

Many users seeking generational wealth have turned to InQubeta. The crowdfunding platform guarantees user security and mutually beneficial investments. Companies can raise needed funds for their growth while handsomely rewarding holders.

Several investors are awaiting massive ROI from the QUBE presale, having purchased their tokens in the earliest stage when they sold at $0.007 apiece. The presale is in its ninth stage, trading at $0.028, a mighty 300% increase from round one. Over 970 million tokens have been purchased, amounting to over $13.6 million raised for the project’s development. Investors buying up QUBE tokens now are not left out from the promise of hefty returns, as a 20% ROI awaits them when the token is listed on the decentralized cryptocurrency list at $0.0308.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Halving: Upward or Downward Trajectory?

The Bitcoin halving approaches quickly, a quadrennial event where miners’ rewards are halved to reduce the number of new coins created. This activity enhances the scarcity of BTC. Unlike other halving events, the upcoming one has a different undertone, causing skepticism among analysts and investors. The event typically sets the stage for a new cycle, but BTC has already surpassed its last cycle’s high, something that has never happened in its history.

The increase in Bitcoin’s value is due to the approval of the BTC ETFs in January and a fresh demand for these assets. This new dynamic has impacted the market, making it difficult to forecast the impact of the halving and length and ferocity of the upcoming cycle. Some analysts are predicting a dull impact, stating that aside from volatility, the token’s days of shocking growth are behind it. Others are optimistic about the BTC halving, predicting explosive growth and a shorter bull cycle.

Near Protocol (NEAR): Shaky Momentum 

Near Protocol has presented itself as a formidable contender in the showdown between smart contract platforms, surpassing top altcoins in key network metrics. The layer 1 chain is second only to Tron (TRX), recording over 830,000 daily active addresses and topping 1.7 million daily transactions. The surge in its network activity doesn’t translate to its token’s growth, with only a 42% year-to-end surge. NEAR is lagging behind with a 28% decline in the past month. Its transactional volume and circulating supply remain in an uptrend, hinting at an attractive price movement. 

Render (RNDR): Rising Volatility As Demand Declines

Render has maintained its popularity on the crypto list as a distributed GPU rendering network with AI attributes. The token has benefited from the increasing adoption of AI-based cryptocurrencies, surging to an all-time high (ATH) of $13.60 in the middle of March before declining below $9. This plunge has been attributed to mixed market dynamics ahead of Bitcoin’s halving. A pseudonymous crypto analyst, Altcoin Sherpa, shared his take on RNDR in a recent X post. While he expects a possible drop to about $7.50 based on its Fibonacci retracement levels, he remains bullish on the token, anticipating an impressive jump soon.


Expectations for a surge post-halving are dwindling as BTC’s pattern changes, and miners anticipate lower rewards. The network’s health depends largely on its price trajectory following the event. A similar fate falls on NEAR and RNDR, as both altcoins tackle volatility. On the plus side, the new ICO, InQubeta, continues its quest to deliver hefty returns as investors await its Uniswap listing.

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