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Bitcoin (BTC) Reaches $64,000, Ethereum (ETH) Climbs to $3,500, And Al Crypto Presale Heads Towards $11M in Bullish Trend

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Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent rally to $64,000 was driven by increased institutional buying as spot Bitcoin ETFs (exchange-traded funds) recorded $676 million in inflows, the highest ever since their launch. The surge in BTC was accompanied by an increase in the Ethereum (ETH) price, which scaled past the $3,500 level. Ethereum continues to enjoy a close correlation with Bitcoin, and they currently trade around $3,400 and $63,000, respectively.

On a similar positive front, an AI (artificial intelligence) crypto InQubeta (QUBE), heads towards the $11 million funding milestone as its presale progresses. The project allows AI startups to pool capital by minting investment opportunities within the platform’s custom-built non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, providing investors equitable access to such innovative ventures. This article covers the meteoric rise of these top DeFi projects, in particular the bullishness behind InQubeta’s presale.

InQubeta (QUBE): The Emerging AI Crypto

The core of InQubeta‘s proposition is letting AI startups mint equity and rewards-based NFTs depicting early investment opportunities. Investors can search, evaluate, select, and purchase fractionalized portions of these trending NFTs using the native QUBE tokens. 

Startups get access to crucial funding, while investors gain equity, profit-sharing rights, exclusive product access, and other benefits from AI ventures they believe in.  InQubeta is establishing a win-win funding model for both AI startups and the QUBE holders backing them.

The presale has culminated in over $10.7 million in funds, demonstrating a high early demand. QUBE is priced at 0.0245 USDT currently, rising to 0.028 USDT in the next stage. Over 848 million tokens have been sold across eight stages, suggesting confidence in this AI crypto project.

QUBE has a fixed maximum supply and a 2% transaction burn, creating deflationary conditions that could appreciate in value over time. This emerging crypto also functions as a governance token, empowering its users to participate actively in the platform by proposing, discussing, and voting on crucial decisions. The investment structures and benefits of InQubeta, and its unique utilization of trending NFTs, have contributed to the rush to its early funding stage.

Bitcoin (BTC): The Leading Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency flagship, Bitcoin, is showcasing a formidable display of strength, with a growing market dominance of over 52%. The price action of Bitcoin is propelling the crypto to surpass its all-time high. BTC is above the $63,000 resistance level, a significant psychological barrier that could serve as a platform for further gains. 

The steep ascent is accompanied by a substantial increase in BTC’s trading volume, indicating a solid conviction behind the move. The positive post-ETF launch effects, institutional investments, and the upcoming halving event, which is set to affect the demand-supply ratio in favor of Bitcoin‘s price, all influence this bullish momentum for the crypto.

Ethereum (ETH): Set For Significant Developments

Ethereum is one of the top DeFi projects that has mirrored Bitcoin’s 21% price increase over the last week by marking about a 15% rise over the same time frame. Notably, there has been buying pressure for both coins in the United States, particularly on the Coinbase exchange. Also, data from Coinglass shows that the ETH funding rate recorded a noticeable spike on February 28, rising as high as 0.0668% within eight hours, the highest rate since April 2021. 

This hike is nearly 40% higher than the 0.06% funding rate peak recorded in November 2021, when ETH reached its current all-time high (ATH) price of $4,800. Besides Bitcoin’s rally and increased retail interest, Ethereum‘s price action can also be attributed to anticipation around the Dencun upgrade, scheduled for March 13. The upgrade aims to reduce transaction costs and increase the scalability of the Ethereum network by introducing the concept of proto-dank sharding.


Bitcoin spot ETFs’ inflows and the anticipation around its halving are taking it closer to its ATH. Ethereum has seen a spike in its funding rate and is preparing for crucial network upgrades. InQubeta’s presale records impressive progress, and investors are still bulk-buying its tokens, making it reach the $11 million mark in funds raised faster than envisaged. This emerging crypto is all about making cryptocurrency investment more accessible and inclusive, and that’s an enticing prospect for the future of AI.

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