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XRP’s Upward Trajectory: Pantoja Calls $5 Underestimation, Foresees $10-$20

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  • According to Armando Pantoja, XRP may reach $10–$20, surpassing the usual $5 estimate, because of similarities with Bitcoin’s historical rise.
  • There is skepticism in the community; some point to deviations from the XRPL and technological difficulties, while others maintain optimism.

With forecasts of a massive increase that would completely reshape its market position, XRP is making headlines. Experienced Bitcoin investor Armando Pantoja recently caused a stir in the cryptocurrency world by speculating that XRP’s potential is far higher than the $5 level that is typically predicted for this bull season. Pantoja instead suggested a startling rise to between $10 and $20.

XRP in the Current Market: An Overview

Pantoja makes a strong analogy to the rise of Bitcoin in 2015, when it was only worth $310 at the beginning and increased by 6,000% to reach around $19,188 by the end of 2017. This historical comparison suggests that the company is prepared for a similarly rapid expansion, which supports his optimism for XRP.

Pantoja claims that the low estimate of $5 for XRP drastically undervalues its potential, similar to the 2015 cap on the price of Bitcoin at $1,000.

Right now, XRP is trading at roughly $0.6089. It has increased by 0.15% in the last day and has climbed by 3.61% over the last week due to bullish activity. Its market value has increased to $33.52 billion as a result of this surge, solidifying its ranking as the sixth largest cryptocurrency.

Views from the Community

Although some members of the crypto world, such as Nick, the founder of Web3Alert, agree with Pantoja’s ambitious prediction that XRP might increase by more than ten times, there are still many who are skeptical.

Former XRP ardent backer Jorge Pineda expresses his misgivings, blaming them on the movement of big projects off the XRP Ledger (XRPL). Analyst Jee Wiz also tempers expectations, saying that it would be difficult to surpass a $7.3 level for XRP, even with Fibonacci research.

In the midst of these talks, some in the cryptocurrency community support a more realistic benchmark, arguing that XRP should first pursue regaining the $1 threshold before considering more ambitious goals, in line with what ETHNews previously disclosed.

However, Pantoja’s viewpoint is still gaining traction, since several members of the community share his goal of seeing XRP hit $20. To discover more about this development, see the YouTube video below.

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