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XRP Acquisition Spree: Big Investors Flock to Binance, Aiming for Price Upswing

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  • XRP whales move 337.2 million tokens, prompting speculation about future price trends for the cryptocurrency.
  • Experts anticipate an XRP value between $1.24 and $3.30 by 2024, reflecting moderate optimism in their financial projections.

If you’re interested in cryptocurrencies, pay attention: the XRP whales have been moving tokens, and this could tell us a lot about where the price is headed. In the last 24 hours, these creatures of the crypto market have moved no less than 337.2 million tokens.

Source: whale-alert.io

Coincidence or strategy? Following reports from ETHNews, these massive movements arouse curiosity and speculation in the community. Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had that amount of XRP?

Source: @whale_alert

In a span of 24 hours, six notable XRP transfers were identified. One of these included the movement of 300 million XRP from the Binance exchange to an undisclosed address.

Source: @whale_alert

Despite this trading volume, the increase in XRP’s price was only 1.24%, a figure that, along with information from the derivatives markets, could signal a future downtrend in its price.

The price of XRP has been on a roller coaster ride: falling and recovering, falling but bouncing back by 1%. Is this a warning sign or just a typical market game? Analysts use charts and data to predict the next moves.

Where is the price of XRP heading?

Now, let’s talk about the future. Have you heard the latest projections for the price of XRP? Financial experts and analysts are throwing out their forecasts and no, we’re not talking about fortune tellers. As we’ve previously reported on ETHNews, there are concrete numbers on the table: we’re seeing predictions ranging from $1.24 to $3.30 by the close of this year. Numbers that, for some, could be the difference between a smile and a frown.

XRP year-end predictions
XRP year-end predictions. Source: Finder

Finder, while not getting its feet wet with an exact figure for 2024, clues us in with a prediction of $1.73 for 2025. Following that line, we could be talking about a figure close to $1.24 for 2024. does that sound conservative or realistic?

Source: X/@DefendDark

And if we talk about enigmatic figures, Dark Defender gives us a round figure: $2 for XRP this year. Would you trust the judgment of an expert who uses RSI as a compass?

XRP price action analysis and prediction.
XRP price action analysis and prediction. Source: EGRAG CRYPTO

Finally, EGRAG CRYPTO, a name that resonates on the social X platform, sets us dreaming of XRP flying towards $107, but not before passing the $3.3 barrier in 2024. They leave us with a caveat: “soon, buying below the dollar will be a dream. does this sound like a prediction or wishful thinking?

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