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Worldcoin (WLD) Unable To Keep Up With Fetch.ai (FET) as AI Rally Continues; Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) Investors Target Profit on More Listings

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  • WLD bears expect drops toward $4.50.
  • FET could increase toward the $2.50 mark.
  • $RBLZ holders expect enormous rallies in the following term.    

Worldcoin (WLD) seems unable to break out from its bearish trend while Fetch.ai (FET) is poised to continue its bullish ascent. Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) has emerged as one of the most promising market contenders after the token successfully launched on DEXes on March 4. Let’s analyze the details and find out which of these three tokens could be the top crypto to invest in 2024.

Is WLD a Profitable Investment in 2024?

Worldcoin’s inability to provide holders with valuable short-term returns has inspired multiple crypto experts to give a negative WLD price forecast. More precisely, Worldcoin bears claim that WLD could dip toward the $4.50 level by the year’s close. 

For reference, WLD traded at around $7.50 during the first week of March, which means that Worldcoin could decrease by a remarkable 40%. Bears point to Worldcoin’s regulatory problems as one of the main factors behind this pessimistic prediction.

On the other hand, some experts have recognized WLD as a viable long-term investment due to the project’s connection with Open AI’s Sam Altman. In addition, Worldcoin’s provision of a verified digital identity has inspired numerous traders to embrace WLD as one of the best altcoins to buy in the present market. As for the latest bullish WLD price prediction, Worldcoin could rise as high as $11.50 by the end of 2024.

Will Fetch.ai Continue Its Positive Trend?

Many crypto enthusiasts have embraced the native token of the Fetch.ai ecosystem as the top crypto to buy in 2024 due to FET’s potential to become the leader of the AI crypto revolution. In addition, FET provides remarkable security through its modified variant of Cosmos’ Tendermint PoS consensus mechanism. 

Thus, Fetch.ai bulls believe that FET is set to remain on its upward trajectory and increase toward $2.50 by the end of the year. Fetch.ai traded at around $1.70 in the first week of March, meaning that FET holders could obtain significant 47.05% gains.

Conversely, FET’s increased price volatility has prompted several market experts to opt for a bearish Fetch.ai price prediction. In the worst-case scenario, Fetch.ai investors should expect corrections beneath the $0.80 range over the next FET price movements.


Rebel Satoshi Is Set To Deliver Explosive Gains After the Recent Launch

Rebel Satoshi is a groundbreaking meme coin project that aims to introduce a permanent decentralized revolution and inspire the masses to stand up against the power of centralized institutions. Hence, the Recusants in Rebel Satoshi’s army play a vital role in the platform’s vibrant ecosystem and obtain numerous amazing benefits.

For example, the powerful $RBLZ ERC-20 token grants exclusive access to a large collection of rare NFTs. Furthermore, $RBLZ users receive outstanding staking rewards and many additional benefits through Rebel Satoshi’s entertaining quests. On top of all that, the Rebel Satoshi Arcade offers a huge selection of exciting games.

Many seasoned investors have embraced $RBLZ as the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2024 based on Rebel Satoshi’s potential to become a major force in the overall industry. In addition, $RBLZ has finished its Smart Contract Audit and has currently raised over $2.5 million.

$RBLZ completed the public presale on February 29 and launched on the Uniswap DEX and the Coinbase Tier 1 CEX on March 4. Rebel Satoshi’s starting price of $0.025 is bound to increase exponentially within the upcoming term, as $RBLZ is already recognized as a more lucrative long-term investment than WLD and FET.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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