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Vultor Announces the Launch of the VLT Presale

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Vultor, the crypto payments company, announced on August 23, 2023, the launch of the presale for its native token, VLT. Through the presale, the crypto project aims to increase the popularity of its main product. Furthermore, Vultor’s goal is to allow presale participants and not only to be part of a transformative journey that will undoubtedly reshape the crypto landscape. 

Token Presale, Many Benefits Ahead

Vultor, a crypto project that constantly works to improve the way we perceive and use digital assets, announced the launch of its first token presale. The announcement was made on Twitter on August 23, 2023. Through the presale of its native token, VLT, Vultor aims to raise $1,920,000 to improve the project and launch its main products. 

Currently, the price of 1 VLT token is $0.16, and it will not change its price during the presale session. The company aims to keep the presale open until it hits its soft cap. 

The primary purpose of Vultor is to make the crypto project popular among worldwide crypto enthusiasts and offer them the opportunity to become early investors in a project that aims to revolutionize the crypto payments system.

Besides holding as many VLT tokens as they might like, all presale participants are eligible for a free Vultor card, as stated in a recent tweet. Designed similarly to a debit or credit card, the Vultor card offers an affordable, straightforward, and secure approach to processing cryptocurrency payments without requiring an intermediary. 

The Vultor card is thought out to store private keys securely offline within an air-gapped environment. The keys will never exit the card’s secure element and will constantly remain online. One of Vultor’s main goals is to reach the surprising number of 4.1 billion cards delivered. Until 2024, the company projects that it will deliver over 100,000 Vultor cards, including those delivered to all presale participants. 

How to Buy VLT Tokens?

With the token presale event currently running, users can purchase VLT tokens, the native cryptocurrency of Vultor, for a set price of $0.16. Purchasing Vultor (VLT) can be conducted by using Ethereum (ETH) coins or Tether (USDT) tokens. Crypto enthusiasts are recommended to ensure they have enough coins or tokens in their wallets to proceed. 

It is essential to note that the VLT tokens can be claimed only after the presale session ends. Furthermore, participants must provide a valid wallet address and use the same wallet to buy and claim VLT. Using the same wallet used for purchasing VLT will ensure security and prevent unauthorized access to presale tokens. 

To purchase VLT during the presale, all you have to do is:

  • Sending ETH or USDT to your wallet;
  • Connect your wallet to the official Vultor website and swap ETH or USDT for VLT tokens using the buy widget on the homepage. There is no tax for presale transactions;
  • Claim the tokens you purchased once the presale ends. All presale participants must claim their tokens from the Vultor website using the same wallet they used to purchase VLT.

The VLT presale buying process is as straightforward as possible, allowing users to simply swap ETH or USDT for VLT tokens in just a few easy steps. 

About Vultor

Vultor is a crypto project that aims to be a dynamic and innovative force in the industry, offering a cutting-edge ecosystem that revolutionizes how we currently use digital assets. With its NFC technology at the forefront, Vultor aims to provide seamless and secure transactions, working towards a world where crypto becomes an everyday tool for payments and interactions. 

Powered by a dedicated team and a clear vision for the future, Vultor is constantly working to redefine the boundaries of digital finance, making crypto more accessible and practical for both individual users and businesses. 

Stay Tuned

If you want to find out more about Vultor and its latest updates, do not hesitate to follow the crypto project’s activity on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Instagram, and Medium


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