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US Dollar’s Downfall Foreseen: Jim Rogers Predicts Allies Embrace Bitcoin as the New Global Reserve Currency

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    • Renowned investor Jim Rogers predicts the end of the US dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency.
    • Despite acknowledging this shift, Rogers believes other currencies, including China’s, are not yet prepared to replace the USD.

Noted Investor Predicts the End of USD Dominance

American investor Jim Rogers, who is well-known as the co-founder of the Quantum Fund, anticipates the decline of the US dollar’s dominance as the global reserve currency. Rogers discusses this shifting dynamic in a recent interview with Sputnik, a state-owned news agency in Russia.

Rogers asserts that the US dollar’s reign has been jeopardized due to the politicization of the currency. This has caused both allies and adversaries to seek alternative currencies. He states,

“The world’s international currency is supposed to be completely neutral… But now Washington is changing the rules. And if they get angry at you, they cut you off.”

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Historical Trends and Potential Successors

Drawing parallels with historical trends, Rogers explains that the lifespan of reserve fiat assets usually lasts around 100 years, thus suggesting that the dollar’s dominance is nearing its end. He comments,

“No currency has been on top more than 150 years. Nobody has always been on top… And America’s time is coming to an end.”

Despite the conviction in his predictions, Rogers admits that other currencies are not currently poised to seize the US dollar’s position. He identifies China as the strongest contender. However, he points out that China’s financial system remains too secluded and constrained to ascend above the US dollar.

Rogers’ perspective offers a stimulating insight into the possible future of global finance. As various nations attempt to navigate away from dependency on the USD, the emergence of alternative currencies could result in significant shifts in the financial world order. This transition is, however, predicated on these nations’ abilities to refine their financial systems, making them capable of shouldering the responsibility of being a global reserve currency.

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