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Uphold’s Unique NFTs Honor Ripple’s XRP Army for Loyalty and Contribution

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  • Uphold’s XRP Community NFT Badges, in partnership with XPUNKS, recognize loyal contributors with unique digital artwork.
  • Streamlined claiming process ensures easy acquisition of valuable NFT Badges for eligible Uphold XRP Community members.

As a gesture of appreciation to the XRP community, Uphold has launched the XRP Community NFT Badges in collaboration with XPUNKS. These valuable non-fungible tokens serve as a special gift for those who have demonstrated loyalty and continuous support to this cryptocurrency.

Exclusive Recognition for XRP Enthusiasts

Uphold, a digital currency platform, has joined forces with XPUNKS, the creators of the first NFT series on the XRP Ledger, to offer these NFT Badges. The primary aim is to acknowledge and honor those who have played an active role in the XRPL ecosystem by providing them with a unique piece of digital artwork that symbolizes their commitment and contribution to the community.

Eligibility Through a Claim Process

The allocation of these coveted NFTs was carried out through a submission process. Interested community members were required to provide their XRPL wallet addresses before the established deadline. 

This ensured that the distribution of the NFT Badges was done fairly and equitably, recognizing the dedication and contributions of those who have contributed to the growth and success of the XRP Ledger.

Simple Claiming Process

Uphold has streamlined the process of obtaining the XRP Community NFT Badges, making it accessible to all users. To successfully mint these NFTs, participants must ensure that their XRPL wallets have a sufficient balance to cover the transaction fees. 

They should then connect their wallets to the designated platform. This simplified approach makes it easy for community members to acquire their valuable NFT Badges quickly and effortlessly.

How to Claim Your XRP Community NFT Badge

If you are a part of Uphold’s XRP Community and provided your XRPL address before January 26, 2024, you can claim your NFT Badge by following these simple steps:

  • Ensure that your Uphold wallet has a minimum of 20 XRP, considering the base amount and transaction fees.
  • Access the “connect” tab at the bottom of your screen.
  • On your desktop, log in to nft.onxrp.com and select “Wallet Connect [BETA].” A QR code will be generated, which you should scan, and then choose your account.
  • Establish a connection to the session by selecting “connect” when prompted.
  • Confirm your login and accept the nominal fee of 0.0001 XRP for this step.
  • Go to the XRP Community NFT Badge page. The NFT you can claim depends on your ranking within Uphold’s XRP Community. Select “mint” and confirm the transaction.
  • Refresh your Uphold wallet, and you will see your XRP Community NFT Badge.

Congratulations on obtaining your XRP Community NFT Badge! the commitment and ongoing support for the XRP cryptocurrency are recognized and appreciated by the community and companies that value innovation and active participation in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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Isai Alexei
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