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UNKJD Studios Unveils New Brand, Expands Vision to Redefine Web3 Gaming

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  • UNKJD Studios, formerly known as Uncaged Studio, has rebranded as UNKJD Soccer, aiming to redefine Web3 gaming with new IP, games, and Web3 integration.
  • UNKJD Soccer introduces UNKJD $MBS token, tying games together for a unified gaming experience, with plans for global expansion in 2024.

UNKJD Studios, formerly known as Uncaged Studio, has unveiled UNKJD Soccer, its newest project, as part of a calculated plan to increase its standing in the gaming business. This development aims for the studio to broaden its product line beyond the critically acclaimed mobile game MonkeyLeague and strengthen its standing in the Web3 gaming space.

UNKJD Studios recently appointed Maxim Bashkaev Vaysbord as its new Brand Director as part of a strategic reorganization. Bashkaev is an accomplished executive with a track record in fashion and Web3 businesses. The creative and extensive experience of Vaysbord, an acclaimed former executive at Fuji, enhances UNKJD’s ambition to redefine the future phase of Web3 gaming. The studio’s dedication to promoting innovation and quality in its gaming activities is further demonstrated by his appointment.

UNKJD Soccer: A Declaration of Commitment to Gaming Excellence

The rebranding of Uncaged Studio to UNKJD Studios signifies more than just a name change; it represents the studio’s commitment to providing a truly immersive and unique gaming experience to players worldwide. With a blend of strategy role-playing games and sports game features, UNKJD Soccer is the flagship title under this new brand, providing a dynamic and captivating gameplay experience. UNKJD Soccer is a Web2 and Web3 game that embraces diversity and strongly emphasizes inclusivity. This shows how committed the company is to supporting all types of gamers.

CEO of UNKJD Tal Friedman says he is confident in the path the studio is taking, pointing out that UNKJD Soccer is more than just a name change. According to Friedman, it’s an assertion of UNKJD’s dedication to innovation and giving gamers the best possible gaming experiences.

Co-founder Raz Friedman echoes this sentiment, highlighting UNKJD’s position at the forefront of gaming innovation. With a track record of success in the industry, Friedman believes that UNKJD Soccer will pave the way for the future of gaming, offering players a unique blend of sports, strategy, and RPG elements.

UNKJD $MBS is the central component of UNKJD’s gaming ecosystem. It aims to improve the gaming experience by facilitating seamless connections across UNKJD’s different titles and giving gamers interoperability and ownership. With UNKJD $MBS, users can discover new experiences inside a cohesive gaming world, encouraging advancement and coherence between various games. 

This creative approach further demonstrates UNKJD’s dedication to utilizing Web3 technology to transform the game business and alter how players engage with gaming material.

Expansion Plans and Roadmap for 2024

With a focus on growing its global presence and launching new services for UNKJD $MBS, UNKJD Studios has laid an ambitious roadmap for 2024. UNKJD Soccer, the studio’s much-awaited update to MonkeyLeague, will debut in major regions, beginning with Brazil.

 In addition, UNKJD hopes to gradually disclose UNKJD Soccer’s cutting-edge economy and game design by releasing new features and improvements throughout the year. UNKJD Studios is committed to providing gamers across the globe with state-of-the-art gaming experiences, as seen by the planned global launch of UNKJD Soccer in the second half of 2024.

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