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Toncoin (TON) and Chainlink (LINK) Struggle To Keep Up As Rollblock (RBLK) Holders See 54% Gains

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With the bull market appearing to take a summer break, many altcoins are taking a heavier beating than expected. The Toncoin price is up a lot this year, but crashed 20% last week before picking up again and is currently sitting at $7.27. Chainlink is following a similar pattern as investors look for the next big crypto before the bull market reignites.

Rollblock, a new platform that’s set to completely disrupt the iGaming industry with a token that’s tipped to appreciate 880% during its presale and a further 100x once it launches, we might just have the leader of the bull market.

Toncoin price is one of the best performs in 2024 

Toncoin, the native crypto of The Open Network (TON), has experienced significant growth this year, with the Toncoin price up 3x year-to-date (YTD). TON is a scalable and fast decentralized platform that supports a wide range of dApps and web3 services. 

Its advanced technology and high throughput make Toncoin an attractive option for developers and users, which will ensure the token remains appealing to investors. For now, however, investors are now seeking alternatives that promise bigger returns, and this is usually with the newer crypto assets.

Pre covid, Chainlink was the next big thing, but…?

If the Toncoin price has been impressive, the same can’t be said for one of the leading Ethereum tokens, Chainlink. Renowned for its decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely interact with real-world data and external APIs, Chainlink enhances the utility of dApps.

Despite its strong utility, the LINK  price has been somewhat flat this year, and in recent weeks, it’s faced bearish trends. Many will say this is reflecting broader market sentiment but investors might prefer to stay away from what was tipped as the next big crypto.

Rollblock could be the next big crypto

Speaking of the next big crypto, presale token Rollblock is rapidly capturing the spotlight as investors surge towards what might just be the leader of this bull market. Rollblock is capturing the imagination of investors as it’s set to disrupt the online gambling industry and expose all of its flaws. 

As the first iGaming-backed Play-to-Earn token, Rollblock will ensure investors and players are fulfilled by a token that promises utility and a way to earn in many ways. The $RBLK token facilitates transactions, payments, and interactions for a diverse range of popular table games and sports betting.

There’s also a lucrative staking and passive rewards system via the Hold to Earn program. Token holders can earn a steady stream of income that’s derived from a portion of the platform’s revenue, which will no doubt incentivize long-term holding while ensuring continuous rewards for participants.

Additionally, Rollblock boasts a revenue-sharing model that guarantees token holders will be rewarded with a percentage of the online iGaming’s weekly revenue. Best of all, the more successful the platform is, the more investors will earn. On top of this, there’s a buyback and burn mechanism, where Rollblock repurchases tokens from the open market, which will reduce the circulating supply and increase scarcity, and should increase the value.

The Rollblock presale has already exceeded expectations, with over $1m raised in a short period, underscoring the huge interest from savvy investors. Analysts predict significant gains for Rollblock investors with many forecasting an 880% rise during the presale and a further 100x increase after launch.


Chainlink has underperformed this year, and it’s hard to see how it could bounce back. The Toncoin price has been one of the best performers even if the last few weeks have been bearish. But as with all bull markets, the next big crypto is usually found in the presales, and Rollblock is really gaining plenty of attention. Watch this space!  

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